✨ Friday Favorites: This or That: Summer Edition ✨

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Happy Summer! I dunno about you but the start of summer in PA has not been all its cracked up to be ha! But I’m so happy to be back on the blog today! It’s been a while! I’m bringing back the Friday Favorites series today with an updated version of This or That: Summer Edition. I did this post a couple days ago + it was a hit so I wanted to do another one! So I give you Friday Favorites: Summer Edition.

Beach // Pool – This is a hard one but I have to go with beach!

Lake // River – Honestly, either one but I guess lake 

Watermelon // Strawberries – Watermelon hands down!

Coconut // Pineapple- I can’t believe I’m saying this but coconut 

Dress // Shorts – So I don’t really like either but if I have to pick, shorts 

Flip Flops // Sandals – This is a hard one but I think I have to go with flip flops 

Hamburger // Hot Dog – Ohhh is is another tough one! I like them both! Hog dog!

Early Mornings // Late Nights – Any one who knows me well knows I’m going with late nights! I am NOT a morning person ha!

Adventure // Rest + Relax – A little bit of both honestly! So Both! 

Ice Cream // Water Ice – I’m not really a fan of either so I’ll go with ice cream!

So tell me. What are your answers?! What is your favorite thing or part about Summer?! Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know!  Oh + while I have you here lol don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! And then! Come say Hi! + follow along on Pinterest + Instagram + LTK: @jennniferlynn11! I’d love to hear from you + connect!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ Friday Favorites: This or That: Summer Edition ✨ !! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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