✨ Memorial Day… Not Just A Three Day Weekend ✨

Memorial Day graphic

With today being Memorial Day, I want to express my thoughts on Memorial Day so please hear them with love as thats how they are intended. My gratitude + thanks for all fallen service men + women is immense. Because of them, I enjoy all the freedoms I do. I will never forget them or the sacrifice they paid.  My heart goes out to their family + friends who have to live with their loss everyday.

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it… it flies with the last breath of each solider who died protecting it.” ~ Anonymous  

To some today is just another day one that you might have off, throw up a Memorial Day post on social media + continue on with your day. Nothing wrong with that. To be honest until I fell in love with a Marine + military life became a way of life/normal to me, the above was me.

Now I understand + view this day very different. I know the pain + heaviness of the family + friends of fallen service men + women this day brings up. Today is not just a three day weekend to so many. It’s a reminder that someone they love gave their life for strangers + that they’ll never come home again. It’s why some people get so upset when they hear “Happy Memorial Day”. Because to them it’s not a happy day, it’s a national reminder of what they lost. It’s also hard to watch people celebrate + not understand that to them its not a day for celebrating ya know?

Both views of this day are not right nor wrong, they are just different + thats okay! I just ask that you have + show love, compassion + understanding if you see someone express their views/feelings of this holiday that are different from yours.

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