✨ Travel Scrapbook: Week Three in SC ✨

I have to say, week three came fast! I can’t believe we’ve been here for three weeks! Where did the time go?! Up until now, we have done so much so I guess thats where the time went ha! Today I’m sharing what happened during week three in SC!


I have to say, I was so incredibly comfortable sleeping in my car. I was so warm + comfy that I didn’t want to wake up. Meg actually had to wake me up because we had to get going for our next adventure! I finally got up [apparently it took a while to wake me up ha!] and got dressed + then quickly took a look around since it was pitch black when we arrived. It was actually really pretty.

 Thats me under the red blanket


Our next adventure was to go + walk through Asheville NC. It is such a charming town! It reminded me a lot of Colorado although I don’t know why ha! We stopped for “breakfast” at this darling European coffee shop. I got a Chai Latte + chocolate cake ha! We went into all the local boutiques + small shops + I bought some souvenirs.

The plan was to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway again + see sights we didn’t see the day before. However, on the way we saw a sign for a Brewery + took a detour there ha! That one detour turned into us doing a Brewery tour through North Carolina. We went to 5 before going to another camp site for the night.



This one was cool because it had a large area with different types of seating. There were food trucks as well as a huge outdoor area with a bar, volley ball courts, trails, + vendors selling home made goods. It has something for everyone + you can bring kids too.




This brewery was much smaller than the previous but it was still really cool because it has Palm trees + a doggie park.



This one was one of my favorites because it’s literally on the side of the road. It goes out side eating in the front which is on the road. However, when you go into the brewery there is seating outside + it transports you into this beautiful natural area with a stream. You don’t know that you’re on the side of the major road. The food is also really good.






This one was by far the most impressive. It was like a campus basically. The drive up to it is beautiful with nature + paved roads that begin + end with gates. The lights have brewery touches. It was very planned out. The brewery itself is huge with multiple floors, a huge wrap around deck. There is a large patio area where adults can sit + sip their drinks. Then a huge space for games where kids + dogs can play. Families can spend all day there it’s great.



After this brewery is was time to hit the road + go to the final camp site. We had to go to bed early because we had to be up at 4:45 to get packed up + on the road to our final weekend adventure. This time though instead of sleeping in my car we slept in a cabin. We ended up watching the Eagles game on my computer then went to bed.


4:45AM came REALLY fast. We had to get up that early because we were heading to the Fred W. Symmes Chapel aka The Pretty Place because of the views. It did not disappoint! We needed up getting there around 5:45AM to watch the sunrise. It was my favorite thing we did the whole trip! It was like God was showing off for us! The views were breath taking! I highly recommend going at some point!


We stayed for almost 4 hours watching the sun + it was awesome. Then we got back in the car + drove the 4 hours back home. We took showers + didn’t move from the couch for the rest of the afternoon/night. It was an early night for sure ha!


Since we went to bed early we were up early so I made a cup of tea + got some work done.


Then I had some errands to run + after I decided to go on an adventure + found myself in Beaufort. I parked + walked around + ended up finding this swing on the waterfront. It was so relaxing! I had water + palm trees around me. It made my soul so happy!


I went back home after a while of swinging + walking around. I made dinner but didn’t take a picture because it didn’t come out pretty ha! It was good + we ate it all but still. We hung out + watched Netflix + went to bed.


Since we had such a busy few days we stayed at the house + hung out. Meg made dinner, we had left overs + just chilled. It was great to not have any plans for a few days.


Friday found us going to this charming little road side cider company. They had the best sugar cookie I’ve ever had! I couldn’t wait to take a picture before I took a bite ha! They sold home made everything. Honey, pickles, tea, cider, etc.


Then after Meg got off of work we end down to the Brewery right near our AirBNB. God showed off again + we were able to watch a beautiful sunset while being eaten alive. We didn’t last long ha!


Then we decided to go to Zaxby’s for dinner because we wanted to try it. And WOW was it good!! Best fast food ever!

We went to bed kinda early because we had big plans for Saturday. I was so excited for this one!!


We woke up early + went to the Farmer’s market again. We didn’t stay too long because we were had to get back to get ready to go to Charleston!! I feel in love with that city as soon as we got there! We walked King Street + our first stop was Jenni’s Ice cream, because well I had to ha!


After that we head to the famous Pineapple Fountain. I have wanted my picture in front of it forever!  On the way I took pictures of way too many palm trees + the cute courtyards that people decorated so beautifully.


Then we finally got to the fountain! When I saw it, I was so happy that I was actually standing in front of something that I have wanted to see for years! My soul was so happy!  After we took our pictures we sat on a bench that look at the water + I was able to full take in the fact that I just crossed something off my bucket list. It was awesome! Also the walkway up to the fountain was beautiful. If I didn’t look to my left I wouldn’t have known I was by the water.


After we rested a little, we walked towards the Darling Oyster Bar where we had dinner reservations. On our way we stopped + shopped all the local shops + markets.

The Darling Oyster Bar was so good! The service was excellent + the food delicious!! I got the lobster roll + fries + it was by far my favorite one! It was even better than the one I had in the Keys! We ended up buying the shirt that the waiters were wearing + it is so soft!!


After dinner we walked back to the car + head home with full tummies + hearts! I have to say my soul was so happy! It was just what I needed! The perfect end to a great week!

And that concludes week three in SC! If you are still with me, you are a rock star!! Thank you so much!! Stay tuned for Week 4’s Travel Scrapbook.

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Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ Travel Scrapbook: Week Three in SC ✨ !! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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