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I can + do talk a mean game when it comes to beauty + skin care products. I have such a passion for them! But I realized that I never really talk about hair care or the products I use.  Mostly because I’m just not that into hair ha! So I’m going to fix that with today’s Friday Favorite: Hair Produces. I’m sharing all the products I use on my hair.

I’ve never really had a desire to do anything with it besides straightening it, throwing it in a pony tail or a messy bun on top of my head. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll style it natural which is scrunchy/wavy or I’ll beach wave it with my 3 barrel roller. Dry shampoo is my best friend because I have oily hair. It’s so annoying. I also have fine hair, but a lot of it + it’s very long ha! The thought of washing, conditioning, brushing + styling my hair sometimes gives me anxiety ha! It just takes so long + I really don’t enjoy it like I do putting on a full face of make up. Otay enough of me rambling ha! Let’s get into it!


Shampoo //  Conditioner // Root Booster // Brush // Hair Tie // Dry Shampoo

I have used this shampoo + conditioner for years now. I first bought it because it was a super cleansing shampoo which I need + a light conditioner that wouldn’t added too much oil to my hair + make it heavy. Then when I was looking into clean products I was pleasantly surprised that it is super clean, vegan, cruelty free. I even got my Dad + brothers to use it!

The root booster is by the same company so its super clean + really works just as the shampoo + conditioner! I don’t have much volume because my hair is so heavy. Well this product gives me all the volume I want + more!

The brush is pretty good. I will admit, I bought it solely because of the color ha! But I don’t think it’s bad or anything like that. I’ve had it for years so no complains ha!

I switched to silk hair ties a couple of years ago + haven’t look back. They are so much better for my hair as they don’t pull it or break it when I have my hair either in a pony tail or messy bun. I love this brand because they are clean + super affordable!

Speaking of clean + affordable, the same brand hair ties has a powder dry shampoo that is awesome! I love that its just the powder because its easier to apply + better for the environment. It works so well at giving you volume but also cleaning your hair. Bonus, it smells great too!


Dry Shampoo // Velcro Rollers // Claw Clips // Elastics // Elastic Cutter

This is my OG dry shampoo. I love this stuff + will always use it. It works so well! Cleans the hair + gives massive volume. It also smells amazing! I put it in my hair at night before I go to bed + wake up with great hair.

As I said before its hard to get volume with my long heavy hair. So I grabbed these Velcro rollers to help with that. I’m still getting the hang on of them but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing.

When I need to separate my hair into sections I need good claw clips. I bought these + love them. They hold my hair don’t leave marks when I take them out. I use these a lot when I straighten my hair or use my 3 barrel roller to crimp my hair.

If I’m not putting my hair in a pony tail or a messy bun on top of my head I use these elastics to do bubble braids or other simple hair styles that require multiple elastics. They do the trick + since my hair is so dark its hard to see them.

I learned quick that when I do use the tiny elastics, I need an elastic cutter.  It easily gets the elastics out of my hair without damaging my hair, pulling out more hair than I meant to + not cutting my hair by accident.


Hair Straightener // Hair Crimper

I have loved Remington products as I’ve used them for years. This Hair Straightener is amazing. I’ve had it for years. I like this one best because its ceramic + healthier for your hair. It has heat settings so you don’t make it too hot + heats up super fast. My hair is straight + shiny when I’m done!

Because I love Remington products so much, I was in need of a new hair crimper + purchased this one. It’s actually really cool because you can adjust the middle barrel + create 4 different kinds of waves + only need one tool. It made the perfect beach wave to my liking so it gets a 5 star rating from me ha! Bonus, its white + gold.

So tell me. What are your favorite hair products?!  Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know!  Oh + while I have you here lol don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! And then! Come say Hi! on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn11! I’d love to hear from you + connect!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ Friday Favorites: Hair Products ✨ !! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

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