✨ Friday Favorites: My Daddee ✨


To be honest, my dad is probably going to kill me for this but eh, I’m gonna risk it ha! The biggest blessing in my life is my Daddee + tomorrow is his birthday so today I’m gonna brag on him today.

He + I went through a lot when I was little [if you know my story you know what I’m talking about.] Because of that I got something that my brothers never got: 3+ years of just him + I. From what I’m told we’ve had a bond from the start, but those 3 years forged it in something that can never be broken by anyone or anything, not to sound too dramatic ha!

My Dad is the best dad in the world. My brothers + I hit the jackpot with him. He moves mountains for us so we never have to want anything [within reason of course]. It hurts him more than us when he had to punish or discipline us. When we are sick he makes sure we have the best of everything to make sure we get better super fast + its almost like he can’t relax or really breath until we’re healthy again.

He’s so generous with everyone he knows but especially my brothers + I. He’s the ultimate taker carer if that makes sense. Whoever he loves he wants to make sure they are okay. He’s always the one to call on your birthday, anniversary or happy day. He’s always the one to call just to say hi.

My dad has the best memory. He remembers stories with such details from the early days ha! He is the best story teller as well. You can’t help but belly laugh as he reenacts the story he’s telling.

He taught my brothers how to love your people hard, put others before yourself, be a leader not a follower [which I have to say I took to heart ha!] He taught us the love of music, sports, movies + tv [my brothers, my dad + I can recite quotes from so many movies + shows] and so much more.

For me, my dad taught me to never give up on my dreams + that I can do anything I put my mind to. He always believed that whatever I wanted to do, I would. Having him in my corner was always what kept me going. Even if I fail or fall I know I won’t have to pick myself up by myself because he’ll be there.

I talk to my dad a minimum of 3 times a day. We talk about everything + nothing, its great. I feel off if I don’t talk to him in a day. He’s my best friend + I don’t know what I’d do without him. Thanks you for all you have done + do for me + for being the best dad a girl can have!

Happy Birthday Dadee, I love you!!

Love always,


Help me wish my Daddee a Happy Birthday in the comments below!! I know he’ll love it!!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ ✨ Friday Favorites: My Daddee ✨ ✨! It means so so much to me + I’m sure to him as well! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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