✨ The Art of Dry Brushing + Why I Love It ✨

I’ve always heard about dry brushing but never really put any stock into it. I read up on it + it kinda just seemed like a lot of time that I didn’t have or want to make the time for ya know? Then a few months ago I decided to give it a try + so glad I did! I look forward to it now because I love how it feels + leaves my skin. So today we’re talking all about the dry brushing- the benefits, how to do it + the products I use.


#1. Unclog pores by exfoliating

#2. Detoxify skin by increasing circulation

#3. Promotes lymph flow/drainage

#4. With your pores unclogged your body can sweat out toxins more easily


It’s best to do this before you get in the shower + brush for at least 3-5 minutes for best results. Also don’t push down too hard. The key isn’t to break the skin with hard brushing. The brush should have firm bristles but not so hard that they’ll break the skin because that would defeat the purpose.

#1. Start at your feet + brush upwards toward your heart

#2. Use short brushes or a circular motion

#3. For your arms- start at your hands + work your way up your arm

#4. For your stomach, go in a clock wise rotation

#5. After your shower, apply body oil or lotion

I always dry brush right before I’m going to take a shower this way I can rinse all the dead skin + such off. I also always shave after too. This way my skin is getting all the exfoliation it can. Then once I’m out of the shower I apply my favorite body lotion [linked below] all over my body. My skin has never been so soft + smooth.


Dry Brush // Body Lotion // Blending Body Brush

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