✨ Happy Birthday Monkey! ✨

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Happy Birthday Monkey! Today’s post is a love note to my baby brother Dylan, from me for his 23rd birthday!!

23! How did you get to be 23?! I remember the day you were born. I got to see how as soon as I got home from school. You were very small yet also very chubby haha. You didn’t have a neck until almost one! Your love of eating was always super healthy when were you were born [read you ate all the time lol] and that still hasn’t changed.

You were such a little butt head when we were younger because when Kyle + I didn’t listen to Mom or Dad, you’d always jump in to do whatever we should have + say, “I’ll do it for you Mommy.”  But you were also like my own personal baby because I’d have so much fun dressing you. Out of all 3 of my baby brudders, you were + still are the only one who cares about what he wears.

Our one on on shopping trips are something I always look forward to. I love to help you pick out clothes but more so I love the conversations we have + the memories we make. I will forever remember all those Sunday nights I’d come over + we’d have dinner + watch a movie with mom + dad.

Your sense of purpose, drive + persistence is inspiring. The way you go after what you want with such zeal is amazing + I can’t wait to see where it takes you. I know I joke that you have the luck of the Irish [+ you kinda do ha!] but you have worked so hard for everything you have! I am so damn proud of you!

Your laugh is infectious. I always try to make you laugh just to hear it. I know I give you a hard time about the late minute calls to help you but honestly I love them. Because I love that I get to help you make your mark in the world. I love that you need your boring older sister  + I’ll forever always be here for you.

I love you with everything I have + always will. Here’s today being as amazing as you are!

Love always,


Help me wish Dylan a Happy Birthday in the comments below!! Or on IG here. I know he’ll love it!!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ Happy Birthday Monkey! ✨! It means so so much to me + I’m sure to him as well! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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