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I feel like this week is going really slow yet fast all at the same time. My poor brain has been on overload lately + as I was trying to plan out May’s content I just went blank. I have so many post ideas that I want to write about but the thought of creating the actual content made me exhausted. So insert today’s post, This or That: Makeup Edition. It’s light, fun + semi easy to put together. Plus I love talking about makeup products ha! Because there are so many options, I’m starting with this one + will probably make another one!

Tinted Moisturizer // Full Coverage foundation- Right now I’m going with Tinted moisturizer but in the winter I usually go for full coverage

Cream Blush // Powder Blush- powder but I am trying my hand at cream!

Pink Blush // Peach Blush- Pink!

Powder Bronzer // Cream Bronzer- both!

Powder Highlighter // Cream Highlighter- Powder but I’m starting to get into cream prodcuts!

Primer // No Primer- primer only if Im going all out on my look

Red Lip // Pink Lip- pink

Pink Lip // Nude Lip- pink

Lip Stick // Lip Gloss – Gloss!

Matte Finish // Glow Finish- Glow finish for sure!

So tell me. What are some of your answers?!  Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know!  Oh + while I have you here lol don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! And then! Come say Hi! on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn11! I’d love to hear from you + connect!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ This or That: Makeup Edition ✨ !! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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