✨ 10 Staple Pieces for Winter ✨

WINTER IS HERE. Ha! Sorry I couldn’t resist. With Winter in full swing today I’m sharing my 10 staple pieces for winter! So these are staples pieces but I didn’t include coats + hats + such because depending on where you live you might not need that ya know?

Also, these are more staple pieces, not necessarily the exact products ya know? If you’re in the market for these pieces then by all means, check them out because they are good!

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#1. Ugg Boots: Comes in several color + length options. Great in snow + cold weather. Can be dressed up or down.

#2. Flattering Denim– For those days where you go out + just want to look cute but also warm.

#3. Black Leggings– These are great because they keep you warm, can be dressed up or down + are super flattering. Also comes in different length + pattern options.

#4. Big Cozy Sweater– I have worn this cozy sweater so many times this winter season so far! It can be dressed up or down, worn with leggings or denim + is so warm! Also comes in several color options. [Size down! Runs big!]

#5. Big Tote bag- So in the winter I like big tote bags because the handle hits over my bulky yet warm jacket. This one is stunning + great quality. It also holds a ton + I love the two pockets on the side for easy access to your essentials.


#1. Good Moisturizer– Moisturizer is key to good skincare in the winter! So applying a good moisturizer in the AM + PM is key to healthy skin!

#2. Face + Under Eye Setting Powder–  After applying concealer + any cream or liquid beauty products its key to set them. This powder is awesome + can be used for both under eyes + face.

#3. Hydrating Lip Mask/Balm– The amount of time I apply hydrating lip products in the winter is high! This one is great because it can be used all throughout the day + then at night as a sleep mask. It truly works!

#4. Good Concealer– This is probably the cornerstone in flawless makeup in the winter. A good concealer will hid all the tears you shed with its cold + the wind is high. This concealer + the setting powder mentioned above is great!

#5. Skin Tint with SPF– This skin tint is great because it is has SPF in it. Yes you still need SPF in the Winter. It also has hyaluronic acid in it to keep your skin moisturized during the hard cold months! It also forms to your skin + makes it beautiful with that glow from within look!

So tell me. What are you staple pieces for Winter?!  Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know!  Oh + while I have you here lol don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! And then! Come say Hi! on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn11! I’d love to hear from you + connect!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ 10 Staple Pieces for Winter ✨ !! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…


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