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Hello 2022! Wow I can’t believe it is 2022 already! I am so looking forward to the fresh start that the New Year always brings! I will say that 2021 was a year of learning for me. So I’m excited to bring the things I learned into the New Year!

I don’t really do resolutions anymore because I never do them + then I just feel like a failure. Instead I really like the word or phrase of the year. Last year I did INTENTIONAL + I’ll admit I wasn’t really good at it until the end part of 2021 so I’m going to use it again this year.

This year I want to be super intentional about the food choices I make,  the products I buy + keep, the people I surround myself with, the information + social media content I consume, the things I say yes + no to, + especially the content I create + post on here + my social media channels.

I also want to be intentional about stepping outside of my comfort zone + trying new things, going to new places, etc. I want to experience life ya know? After my brother died I was always afraid to try anything. Now as I get older I want to try everything ha!

Two things that I really want to be intentional about this year are my thoughts + my time with the Lord. I want to be more intentional about carving out time to spend time reading the Bible, talking to God, being silent to hear him, etc. That’s the most important thing to me.

I also want to be more intentional about the thoughts I have, especially about myself. And trying to not go to worse case scenario all the time. That is going to be a hard one because when my anxiety is high there is no talking me out of worse case scenarios ha!

I think thats it ha!

So tell me. How do you want 2022 to look for you ?!  Or what things do you want to accomplish or incorporate in the New Year??  Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know!  Oh + while I have you here lol don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! And then! Come say Hi! on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn11! I’d love to hear from you + connect!

Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨ Hello 2022 ✨ !! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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