✨ Friday Favorites: October Faves ✨

We did it! We made it to Friday! Can you believe this is the last Friday of October? The month went pretty fast if you ask me ha! Today I’m taking a break from Gift Guides + sharing another Friday Favorites: October Faves. This was such a fun list to put together because a lot of the items I’ve had for a while + still love them as much as I did when I first got them. So here we go!

#1. Pearl Booties– These boots are a new purchase but I LOVE them so much! They are pretty comfy + the pearl details is just stunning! I have envisioned so many looks with these boots! I’m exited to style them + get them on the blog!

#2. Glotrition– I’ve raved about this a couple times + should have put it on my beauty gift guide + totally forgot. But its here now ha! I was kinda skeptical when I first bought it but I LOVE it! I really feel that it has helped my skin SO MUCH as well as my hair + nails. It takes super yummy + I actually crave it every day. Can’t recommend enough!

#3. Lawless Blush [Shade: Sakura]– This was one of the first Lawless blushed I purchased back when they first came out months ago. I start using it alone instead of mixing it with out shades from the collection + forgot how pretty it is alone + how much I love the natural, beautiful color it provides!

#4. Clear Mechanical Pencils– I did a little happy dance when I found these ha! I love the neutral color + the fact that there is a cover over the eraser. They work like all mechanical pencils ha! But the fact that they are pretty is what I love about them. It sounds silly but when things are pretty around me it inspires me to create even more beauty.

#5. Hourglass Veil Powder Brush– Going alone with the Lawless blush, this brush is probably a good reason why I love the blush so much. It works beautiful + delivers the pigment where you want it + the finish is natural + flawless. What more can you want ha! I didn’t think I’d like the dual ended part but I have to say I’ve grown to love it.

#6. Thermal Shirt from Target– This is probably my favorite clothing item I’ve gotten from Target! [And I’ve gotten a lot ha!] It’s so comfy, so affordable + the best part to me is its super flattering! I hope they come out with more colors because I’d buy them all!

#7. Rebecca Minkoff Backpack– This could be my favorite item on this list! I couldn’t wait to get this in the mail! It is the perfect size to fit so much but it doesn’t get super bulky. I really like that you can wear it with the straps as a backpack or on your arm [I put it on my shoulder] by the chain. There’s also a slot for your lap top in the back so it keeps the bag flat against your back. It’s nylon so its easily wipeable.

#8. Belt Bag– This is also a recent purchase that I’m so happy I grabbed! I wanted to make sure I liked the trend before I pulled the trigger on a designer one ya know? I have to say I liked it more than I though. It’s very convent + this one holds quit a lot actually. This one you can take the cross body strap off + hold it by the chain although I don’t recommend that. All in all, a great bag!

#9. Under Eye Mask– I’ve blogged about these before and I’m doing it again today because they are awesome! They work so well! They depuff, awaken, lighten dark circles under the eyes. And the best part is they SPARKLE AND SHINE BRIGHT ha! They’d make a perfect gift for a lot of people on your list + they are affordable!

✨Not Pictured October Faves ✨

#10. Pumpkin Muffins– I forgot how much I enjoy pumpkin flavored goods! Between pumpkin muffins + pumpkin bread everyday I get to indulge in one or the other! Love this time of year!!

#11. Working on Sparkle– Working on Sparkle this month has been my saving grace! It has allowed me to focus on something good, on something fun, on something I enjoy. It allowed to express my creativity, create + find beauty!  And this month I’ve needed that more than ever.

#12. Being cozy + reading a good book in bed– This is something else I’ve really enjoyed doing this month! I love having my window open so its nice + chilly in my room + then I’m bundled up cozy cozy cozy reading a good book. Throw in a lit candled + a hot tea + I’m in heaven.

#13. Grey skies + it just looks + feel like Fall- I love this time of year for so many reasons. One of them is the grey skies, the chilly weather, the changing leaves. It just feels like Fall. The sunsets this time of year are stunning. God knew what he was doing with the sky. He’s the best artist of all.

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Thank you so much for being here + reading Friday Favorites: October Faves! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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