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✨Outfit Details: My Favorite Look ✨

Denim: Agolde // Top: 1. State Sold Out [Similar Here]

Hello Hello! One more sleep until the weekend!! Today I wanted to take a break from sharing gift guides + share something a little different, a little more soul searching: my favorite look. Now, hear me out before you roll your eyes + click out of this post ha!

Fashion + beauty + skin care products have always helped me to feel my best. When I have my make up + hair done, wearing an outfit that I think looks good + I feel good in, I’m happier, more confident, + at peace kinda if that makes sense.

I am a jeans + tee shirt girl, always have been + probably always will be ha! No matter where I’m going, aside from fancy occasions I’m going to arrive in jeans + a black top. My color of choice for tops is always black. Its class, neutral + slimming. In the summer its a black tank or let’s be real, I’m freezing year round so its a black long sleeve tee too ha! In the Spring + Fall its a light weight black sweater or long sleeve tee. When it comes to denim I don’t like acid wash but I don’t like super dark either ha! And pretty much all year round I’m in distressed denim.

This day when I took the picture I felt on top of the world. The denim was fitting me better than they ever have. They are SUPER high waisted + since I don’t have a long torso they aren’t the most flattering on me + hard to button a lot of times ha! This day, this outfit just screamed JEN + I felt amazing. I’ll be honest, I forgot what that felt like.

You can’t see it but I did my make up + remember thinking it came out really good. Oh yeah I chopped about 8 inches off of my hair + dyed it darker to match my eyebrows. On this day I straightened it + put a lot of dry shampoo in it to give it much needed love + volume ha! The hair, the makeup, the outfit, it all helped me feel good I felt good about myself for the first time in a long time. And, I’m praying that feeling comes back soon + stays a while.

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Thank you so much for being here + reading My Favorite Look! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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