✨ Friday Favorites: July Monthly Favorites ✨

Hello Hello! Happy Friday!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here + I promise that there’s a whole blog post coming explaining things! But I’m back with another Friday Favorites! For today’s Friday Favorite is July Monthly Favorites. I’m sharing all the products I’ve been loving during July. Some may be repeats but that just proves how much I love it ha!

I really like doing these monthly favorites because I get to really appreciate all that I have. You can read June’s Monthly Faves here.

So here we go, Friday Favorites: July Monthly Faves!

#1. One Nation Long Sleeve Tee– This is probably one of the most softest + comfiest shirt I own! It fits true to size + perfect for those cool nights when short sleeves isn’t enough + a sweater/sweatshirt is too heavy. I’ve worn it with sweats, leggings + denim. It love that its versatile + I won’t lie, I do like the message it says too.

#2. Quip Electric Toothbrush– This has been on my radar for a while + I finally pulled the trigger. It comes in several different colors + a kids version as well. I really like it because its not your average electric toothbrush. It vibrates while you brush your teeth. Because of that I feel like it really gets a lot of the hidden food out from in between your teeth. Plus the vibration ends after 2 minutes so you know when to stop ha!

#3. BAREFOOT DREAMS® In the Wild Throw Blanket– [SALE ALERT ON THIS ITEM] This is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Its originally $180 + on sale for $120. I know that’s a lot for a blanket but I promise its worth it! Its so soft, washes well + is just magic. In the summer it keeps me cool + in the winter it keeps me warm! It comes in several different patters + is perfect for getting cozy cozy cozy anytime!

#4. MIX:BAR Cloud Musk Hair & Body Mist– I am very not consistent when it comes to wearing lip stick or some sort of perfume/body spray so I tend to not buy expensive ones. I know that the chances of me going through a full bottle are slim so when I found this I was really happy. I like that its super affordable, is a hair + body mist so it stays on + comes in several scents. Not only does it come as a hair + body mist but it also comes in perfume form as well. I don’t like floral or sweet smells. I’m more into woods, earth, musky scents. Guy cologne really ha! I felt this one was the perfect female version of guys cologne ha!

#5. Rainbow Sandals- Narrow Strap with Swarovski® Crystals: If you’ve been here for a minute you already know how much I love these sandals! They are made so well + hold up for years. This style comes in six different colors + the Swarovski crystals never fall out. Rainbow also has many different styles with the crystals, for women, men + children. My entire family wears them! I can not recommend them enough!!

#6. PATRICK TA Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette: For the two times I maybe put on makeup this month lol okay maybe more than two lol, I reach for this eye shadow palette. It has the most beautiful shimmers/glitters/metallics + the best mattes. They are all really pigmented + blend beautifully.

#7. HOURGLASS Veil Powder Brush– Every time I use this brush I am so happy that I finally pulled the trigger + bought it! It apples bronzer perfectly, as in not all over your face ya know? It keeps the product where I want it. And the same with blush. I don’t like it when the blush goes everywhere. This brush keep the product on the apples of my cheeks + then up my cheek bones, not all over my cheek ya know?

Thank you so much for being here + reading Friday Favorites: July Monthly Favorites! It means so much to me! ✨🤍

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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