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Happy Friday Friend! I hope you had a great week + a weekend full of fun, smiles + memories made! Ever hear a song from the past or feel that childhood nostalgic feeling when you watch TV + movies from your childhood? Well today’s Friday Favorite is all about my childhood TV show faves. I’m probably aging myself by sharing these but I recently started watching one of the shows I’m going to share + I love it! I’m sorry there’s not a lot of images, I didn’t know how copyrighting would work + I didn’t want to get in trouble ha!  Also these are in no particular order, I love them all! So here are all my childhood TV show favorites!

#1. Hercules Legendary JourneyThis was the start to my Saturday Night line up! I loved this show because I have always loved Greek Mythology + I can’t lie, Kevin Sorbo was a good looking Herc ha! It maybe not have been based on current times but the lessons could be applied to modern day.

#2. Xena Warrior PrincessXena has always been my role model ever since I was little. She showed that women can do + be anything they want. This was in the middle of my Saturday night line up after Hercules. I always wanted to be Xena for Halloween ha!

#3. Walker, Texas RangerAnd this was the last in my Saturday night line up. I think everyone knows who Walker, Texas Ranger is. As I rewatch the show now, I see how relatable it is to today’s issues + how it was making a stand back then on the same issues.

#4. Boy Meets World: I actually rewatched this show a couple of years ago + was blown way by how relatable it still is today. It touched on high school relationships, family, friendships etc. Just have to add in the advancement of technology + social media + you have real life ha! I think I look forward to this show the most on Friday nights for ABC’s TGIF!

#5. Jem + The HologramsThis was by far my FAVORITE show when I was little. I loved the pink hair, the make up + the songs! I would sing + dance to them all the time. For this past Christmas my dad actually got it for me. I couldn’t play it fast enough! As I was watching it, again it was SO relatable to today especially with bullying + jealousy among women, + greediness of business people.

#6. Step By Step!Modern day Brady Bunch ha! I liked that it showed the ups + downs of a blended families + how they deal with current events. I feel like we should come out with another version of this because so many families are blended these days it would be really relatable.

#7. Family MattersHI-D-HO WINSLOWS! I feel like I’m repeating myself over + over but the shows back in the 90s were all really funny + touched on real life + current events. And because of that I think that’s what made them so good ya know? This was another show that showed real like family things + how to deal with them

#8. DinosaursThis was a funny show too. Can you tell I like funny shows ha! It was fun because the family of dinosaurs went through modern problem, but it was set in prehistoric times. So it was fun to see them dealing with our problems in their world kinda. Not sure if I’m making sense lol

#9. Hangin’ with Mr. CooperMy dad + I used to watch this show! It was a great, clean + funny show. Again the way Mr. Cooper would deliver this lines was perfect! The whole cast was really great as well + the plot was great!

#10. The NannyMR. SHEIFIELD!!! I love this show! It was so funny + Fran’s wardrobe was to die for! Plus it was based in New York + that is my favorite city. It did a great job of showing how family isn’t just blood + that a persons wealth status doesn’t matter.

#11. Home ImprovementWho doesn’t know or remember Tim the Tool Man?! This is was such a good show + I will admit I had a crush on JTT ha! Tim Allen does a really good job of incorporating real life + current events into his shows to make them relatable + to show viewers one way to deal with them ya know? Plus his hilarious.

#12. The Fresh Prince of Bel AirDo I really need to describe this one ha! I think everyone knows about the Fresh Prince, Carlton + Carlton’s dance moves ha!

#13. BlossomI’ll be honest I don’t really remember this show the best but I do remember that I really enjoyed watching it lol Again it was another show that portrayed not your ideal family situation + the real life problems people go through.

#14. All ThatI feel like this show was the SNL For kids because it was hilarious + had different skits. I can’t remember if they were based off of current events but I’m sure they were ha!

#15. Kenan + KelI’m not sure I laughed harder at another show than I did when I watched Kenan + Kel. These two fed off each other so well + their mannerism + the way the delivered their lines was awesome! Such a good show! It was also clean funny which you don’t really get now a days.

I’m sure there are more but those are all I can think of right now ha!

So, what are some of your childhood TV show favorites? Leave them in the comments below! Oh + then subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! Then if you don’t mind lol come say hi on Pinterest + Instagram @jennniferlynn11, I’d love to hear from you!!

Thank you so much for being here + reading Friday Favorites: My Childhood TV Show Faves! It means so so much to me! ✨🤍

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