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Happy Wednesday Friend! I hope you’re having a great day! So today’s blog title, ✨Intentional Spending With A Purpose: Bag-All✨ is probably a little confusing so I want to explain a little about it + where I’m going before breaking down the products with descriptions as I always do. Before I go into everything, please just read it with an open mind + with lots of love because thats how it’s intended. I’m not trying to convert you or anything, just informing about Intentional spending with a purpose. I just want to make more people aware of this type of shopping. I myself still shop with brands who aren’t as active about the environment + thats okay! Baby steps!

As you may or may not know at the beginning of the year I choose INTENTIONAL as my word of the year. I want to be more intentional with EVERYTHING in life. Meaning, my time, where + with who I spend it + my energy, what I consume as in social media, food, products I put in + on my body, the list goes on.

So I went a little deeper + thought of where the products I purchase come from. What are these companies like? What do they stand for? How do they make their products? The list goes on. So I started researching my favorite brands before I’d purchase anything.

Some of the thing I found out kinda made me cringe because of the lack of compassion they had for the environment. Others made me feel inspired because of the good work they were doing to protect the environment + help their communities. I’m only going to name the companies that I felt inspired by. So stay tuned to more companies that are intentional about their products, amount of waste they’ll produce + how to limit it!

To be honest until I started researching I never put much thought into how products are made + what the repercussions of the production process causes on the environment.The amount of waste that comes from products not only in manufacturing but also when we are done with them.  It’s really devastating + dangerous to the planet, which means it’s dangerous for us. I’m not getting into the details either because I still have a lot more to learn, I just want to make you aware if you didn’t already know about the product production process + how it effects us.

With all that being said, i want to introduce you to a company that does their part in minimizing waste in their entire production line. Bag-All is very conscience of waste + the effects it has on the environment. Thats why they make sure to reuse all fabrics so to limit the amount of waste. They specialize in reusable bags as their products so that their consumers can limit the amount of waste they produce as well. I love this brand because it has great morals, helps the environment + their product is amazing. Can’t ask for more than that huh?

I grabbed a few of the their products to highlight, two of which I actually have. Almost all the products are offered in 3 colors + with a monogram option as well! The best part about when you monogram something, they plant a tree for it! How awesome is that?! So here we go!

#1.My Hair Stuff Case– I have this + love it because it holds my straightener + I can keep it in the case while its hot because its insulated. The quality on these products is awesome! I’ve had it for years + it looks brand new still even with everyday use.

#2. My Make Up Case– I love that this brand overs a couple different options for make up storage. This one is a good size if you don’t have a lot of products. You can get it in any of the three colors offered, pink, white + black. It has a waterproof lining inside so its easy to clean if your any products spill + it fits most cosmetic brushes. Depending on how much you take, you can use this inside the vanity case as an organization tool.

#3. My Vanity Case– This is the other product of Bag-All’s that I have. With all the beauty + skin care products I have, I love that this case is big enough to fit them all + my brushes! The bow on top is so cute + feminine, it really mades the piece stand out. Plus it’s good for the environment.

#4. Wash Me Please Bag– I used to take plastic bags with me on trips to put my dirty clothes in + then throw the bag away. I thought I was doing pretty good because I was reusing the bag once. Well now I use these reusable bags when I travel. They are super cute + reusable therefore I’m reducing the amount of waste I use.

#5. My Bling Bling Case– Keeping my jewelry organized is probably the hardest part about packing for me. This cute travel jewelry organizer is great for keeping your jewels organized. It has a place for necklaces, bracelets + rings. It also has pockets you can put whatever you’d like. To close it you just roll it up + secure it by tying it shut so no matter how much you put in it you can still close it.

#6. Computer + Charger Case– I really liked this concept of a computer + charger case combined. Everything is organized + close together so you can’t lose it. You can choose from small or large depending on the size of your computer. Then to keep all your other electronics’s chargers in this cute tech case.

#7. Packing Cubes– I feel like packing cubes are the biggest thing when talking about travel. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I can’t speak for how others are made but I like these because they are cute + help the planet. Love it! There are a couple different styles in them that you can choose from.

Bag-All has so many more great products for travel + everyday so be sure to check them out!!

So tell me! Do you know of companies and/or business that create products but also protect the environment + Earth + do good for the community? Leave them in the comments below! I’d love to know about more + research them!

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Thank you so much for being here + reading ✨Intentional Spending With a Purpose!  Ball-All✨ It means so so much to me! 🤍✨

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