✨What Beauty + Skin Care Products I Use For A Day In The Sun✨

Happy Monday Friend! I hope you had a great weekend full of sunshine, smiles, laughter + lots of memories made! Can you believe it’s the last week of June? With summer in full swing, the temp is up + the sun is out, I’m sharing what beauty + skin care products I use for a day in the sun. I broke it down by favorite Beauty Products for the Face, then eyes. Then my favorite skin care products. I tired to put them in order in the graphics but for the eyes it doesn’t match up 100%.  So here we go!

✨Beauty Products -Face✨ 

#1. Skin Tint w/ SFP 40 [Shade: ST 7Diaz] mixed with Foundation [Shade: Kalahari]: I use the skin tint as my primer of sorts. I love that it has such essential ingredients for the skin but I find it doesn’t have the coverage I need. So I mix it with foundation to give me more coverage. I love both products because they are clean + filled with good, hardy ingredients to keep your skin looking great.

#2. Face Setting Powder [Shade: Waikiki Run]– Once my foundation is set, then I set my whole face with this product. I really like this product. First because its clean + has great ingredients. Second because it has natural SPF + we need all the SPF we can get! I like that between this product + the skin tint, thats 60 SPF on my face everyday. I use these products everyday because its super important to wear SPF everyday even when you’re not in the sun all day.

#3. Bronzer [Shade: Golden Hour]– I have raved about this bronzer so many times I’m sure you’r sick of hearing about it ha! But it’s a great product that isn’t too brown, red, grey or chalky. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I actually like that its matte + not shimmery. Even on days when I’m going to be in the sun I like to define my face + give my face that sun kissed look. It does comes in 2 shades + I feel that they both work great on skin all skin tones.

#4. Blush [Shade Soft Nectar] or Blush [Shade: Pink]– After bronzer I apply blush. For days in the sun I like to keep it fresh + light in color. I each for either of the blushes mentioned. Soft nectar is bright pink mixed with a little coral. Where as the other blush, is pale bright pink. Both are beautiful + pigmented. I really like that they are both buildable so start with a little and then add more for the desired color.

#5. Highlighter [Shade: Decades]– Lately I find myself reaching for this highlighter instead of the Lawless one because I find its a little lighter in shader. For days in the sun you’ll get that glow look but I like to use a highlighter to add an extra level of glow. I feel that they are both a great product but Ilia is more affordable in my opinion. I also like that the packaging isn’t so bulky so its easier to travel with.

✨Beauty Products -Eyes✨

Next up we have eye products. I separated the products by anything that has the name “eye” in it, it went in the eye category. I tried to put the products in order in the graphic but size would allow ha! So in each description I tell the order in which it goes in my routine.

#1. Eye Brightening SPF 40 Cream – I put this product on after my mixture of foundations. I use this in place of a concealer because it’s basically what it is. It’s a clean product with SPF which is exactly what I need for a day in the sun! It really does brighten the under eye area so much so that it really impressed me. I say that because I have genetic dark circles which pretty much nothing covers, but this product does.

#2. Under Eye Setting Powder [Shade: Brightening]– After I apply the brightening cream I set it with this setting powder. Again, its a clean product with good ingredients + the best part, it really works! I use the shade brightening because it has pink undertones + I feel that helps combat the darkness. It does come in 2 other shades though, translucent + golden.

#3. Brown Gel [Shade: Dark Brown] – To be honest, I use this product in a different place in my routine every time. Some times I use it as the last step in my routine or middle, next to last etc. That is one of the reasons why I like it so much. I can apply it anytime + it works. I have naturally full eyebrows with some sparse spots. This product fills them in naturally while keeping the rest of my eyebrows tamed + natural.  It doesn’t effect my foundation at all + it stays put all day, not matter what. That is what I look for in products that I use for days in the sun especially.

#4. Lash Primer– I usually use a lash primer when I want my mascara to really stay + make my lashes look flawless. On days in the sun I don’t want my mascara melting off + this helps. I apply a coat or two starting from the bottom of my lashes + wiggly up to really coat my lashes. It’s made without the bad ingredients + lots of the good ones. It does also come in travel size as well.

#5. Mascara [After Primer]– I use this mascara after my primer which it’s [primer] still tacky. This mascara really enhances my natural lashes to become longer, fuller, + darker. I’ll do a coat or two of this to make sure I really coat my lashes + make sure no primer is showing. This one stays all day no matter what which again is something I look for in products I’m going to use in the sun.

#6. Eye Shadow Palette [Shade: High Dimension]– This is a new eyeshadow palette but I have reached for it every time I’ve gotten ready recently. It’s beautiful! It’s super pigmented + stays put. It has mattes + shimmers so you can make so many looks with it. The best part, its all neutrals ha! Even though I’ll probably have sunglasses on for most of the day in the sun, I still like to know my eyes are done lol.

#7. Mascara [Last Layer]– I use this as my last layer of mascara. I really use it for the brush because its amazing! The mascara works fine but the brush is key. It has two type of bristles one on each side of the brush. On one side is a bunch of bristles that I use to really apply the mascara + build volume. I kinda tease my lashes. On the other side is a lash comb basically that I use to separate my lashes + make them fan out as a last step in my mascara routine.

#8. Liquid Eye Shadow [Shade: 22 Rayon]– I feel like liquid eye shadows don’t get enough hype or credit. I love this one. It’s beautiful pale gold, champagne color, goes on creamy + then just stays there. I like to build a base on my lid + crease with eyeshadows from the palette, then use this on my lid. Chanel isn’t clean clean but it is cruelty free + I love that!

✨Skin Care Products✨

Here are the main skin care products I use for days in the sun. You can read my Skin Care Faves here. I really try to keep it simple yet “useful” as in that the precuts will actually help my skin. I try to keep it simple with not many layers so my makeup goes on smooth.

#1. Spot Treatment– This is by far the best spot treatment I’ve ever used! Tula, please don’t stop making this! I have cystic acne so they are really deep + painful. When I feel one coming on or have it, this is the only thing that has made it heal faster + stop hurting instantly.

#2. Eye Cream – I have been using this eye cream for a while now + really like it. Its clean with lots of good ingredients for your under eye care. I was peaked when I saw vegan collagen. Collagen is everywhere these days + I was curious how it would work. So far I really like it. I feel like it helps my eye products apply more smoothly + seamlessly. Oh + a little goes a long way so you don’t need much + it will last you a while. So the price per use is good.

#3. Face Serum– Can we tell that I’m loyal to brands ha! This is another Lawless product that I really like. I use it as a serum because its a super clean product jam packed with essential ingredients for healthy skin. It’s a great product because you can use it as a primer, serum + moisturizer all in one. I tried that but I feel that my skin needs some extra moisture so I use a moisturizer on top of it.

#4. Moisturizer – I found this one as I was look for a new one. I love the packaging but more than I really like how this one feel on my skin. It’s light yet powerful + of course clean + full of great ingredients to help my skin be healthy. My makeup applies flawlessly onto of it which is something I always look for.

What are your favorite products for a day in the sun? Leave them in the comments below! And then subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a thing! Oh + if you want, come say hi on Pinterest + Instagram:@jennniferlynn11! I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for being here + reading all about ✨The Products I Use For a Day In The Sun!✨ It means so much to me! 🤍✨

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