✨How I Calm My Anxiety When it’s Bad + I’m Spiraling✨

[Not sure if there really is a perfect photo for this type of blog post but the beach is my happy place + I was very relaxed here so I thought it worked lol]

It’s no secret that I struggle with anxiety. I wrote a post all about it here if you want to read it.  So today I wanted to spill how I calm my anxiety when it is bad + I’m spiraling. Anxiety sucks. There is no better way to put it ha! So many people deal with anxiety on all different levels. If you have anxiety I want you to know you are NOT alone! ***[DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR! This is just my personally journey.]***

My anxiety is triggered by health related things. COVID was a big one lol. I’ll hear something on a TV show or movie, read someone in a book, etc. It doesn’t even have to be a real health problem. If I’m in the wrong headspace I’m triggered + anxiety is moving in.

The fun part about my anxiety [+ I’m saying that with a lot of sarcasm] is that each time it “flares” its different. Sometimes it’s easier to stop spiraling than others. Sometimes I have to fight so hard  to stop spiraling. Like I said, each time is different so I have to do these steps in different or some steps more than once.

#1. Deep breathes: I know it sounds cliche but it really does work. I stop what I’m doing [as long as I’m able] + close my eyes + take deep breathes. I take the first couple to start the calming down process. Sometimes the deep breathes are all I need to clear my head + get back into the right head space.

#2. Reassuring Affirmations: If deep breathes can’t do the trick then I move to what I call, “reassuring affirmations”. Basically they are short sayings that I repeat to myself to reassure/remind  myself that I’m okay + that everything is going to be okay. I keep them short because my mind is racing with a million thoughtt + it’s hard to focus on anything longer than a few words. Because of that reason, they are usually, ” It’s okay.” “You are okay.” “It’s going to be okay.”

#3. Move my body: This one is hard when I’m spiraling bad but it works. Even if its just going to for a walk inside the house, it helps. I do try to work out + get a good sweat in when I first feel myself start to spiral because it’s easier to move my body + it helps me from spiraling worse. You’re going to laugh + to be honest I laugh at myself too but when I can’t go for a walk I have a dance party in my room. I put on my favorite song, turn it up + let my body move. I’m sure I look like Elaine from Seinfeld ha! But it works I promise so try it! Plus no one is around so it doesn’t matter what you look like.

#4. Change of Scenery: A vacation would be lovely every time I spiraled thanks to my anxiety but that is just not possible due to a number of things. A walk around the neighborhood really helps because I can focus on new surroundings. If that doesn’t do the trick driving also helps. It forces me to focus on something else + not the thoughts that caused my anxiety.

#5. Do something that brings me joy: When I’m spiraling really bad + the above tricks aren’t help I force myself to do something that brings me joy + happiness. Editing photos, talking to a loved one, online shopping, reading, praying, scrolling Pinterest for beautiful pictures of things that set my soul on fire. Anything to remind myself that I can + should focus on other thoughts than the ones causing my anxiety.

#6. Focus on something that isn’t health related: Because 99% of my anxiety is caused by health related issues, I need to focus on things that have NOTHING to do with health. Clothes, make up, skin care, photography, nature, etc. I avoid things that I know have something health related in them so my anxiety won’t get worse.

#7. Sleep: This may sound kinda silly but sometimes when I’m spiraling I’ll take a nap. Obviously I can’t always do this + you won’t be able to do it all the time either. But if you are able, try it. Sometimes you just need a time out from well, life. A nap is the best way to do that. If my anxiety doesn’t go away after my nap then I’ll try to get more sleep each night to help me focus on getting rid of the my anxiety.

#8. Medication: I’ll be 100% honest, I fought medicine for years! I am/was too stubborn to try it, thought it made me/means I’m weak. That I could get better on my own. Once I got on board with it, it’s the best thing I ever did for myself. My doctor explained to me that it’s okay to get a little help in all forms and thats what the medicine was/is.You might not have to be on it forever, just a little while to help you get back to your baseline. And you can start at one dose + then go up or down depending on your needs. Either way there is NO SHAME in take medicine for your health.

***[DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR! This is just my personally journey.]***

If you are really concerned about your mental health, please seek professional help! There is no shame in it + you deserve to be happy + healthy! If you don’t know where to start here is a good place. I used the website to help me get an idea of what I’m feeling + what was happening to me. Then I talked to my doctor + it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I pray that how I calm my anxiety when its bad + I’m spiraling helps you in some way!! Like I said, you are NOT alone. If you need someone to talk you, I am always here.

You can email me: [Jen@sparkleandshinebright.com] find me on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn or leave a comment on the blog.

Thank you so much for being here! It means so much to me! 🤍✨ Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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