✨Friday Favorites: This or That: Summer Edition ✨

[Photo was from March 2019 in St. Thomas. It took a lot for me to post this so please be kind towards it 🤍✨]

Happy Friday Friends! We made it to the weekend! I hope you had great week + have a weekend full of fun, smiles + memories to be made! I’m excited to hang out with my Aunt on Saturday! She’s my biggest cheerleader when it comes to the blog! And then on Sunday I’m going to celebrate having the best dad in the world! All in all its shaping up to be a good weekend!

With the official first day of Summer right around the corner I thought it would be fun to do a This or That: Summer Edition! I think these are fun to do + love reading other people’s responses! So here we go!

Beach // Lake – Beach hands down

Pool // Beach – Beach, but I do like the pool

Hat // Sunglasses – Both. I protect my eyes ALL year round!

Flip Flops // Barefoot – At home barefoot [I’m actually barefoot typing this ha!] But when I go out flip flops

Shorts // Dress- Neither, I’m a jeans + tee shirt girl

Summer full of Adventure  // Summer full of Rest + Relaxation – I hope this summer I can have a little bit of both

Adventure kind of Vacation // Rest + Relax kind of Vacation – I like my vacations to have a nice mix of adventure + relaxation, especially if I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before.

Camping Vacation // Tropical Vacation – Tropical hands down. As my Marine said, “He can’t go camping with me because they don’t make sleeping bags out of Egyptian Cotton” 🙄 lol.

Road Trip // Flights – Depends on where I’m going. I like both though.

Ice Tea // Lemonade- Neither, I’m a water with extra lemon kinda girl lol

Porch Reading // Poolside Reading – Pool side for sure. I like people watching on porches ha!

Reading List // Play List – I thought this was a really good one! I sometimes listen to music while reading so I guess both lol

Strawberries // Watermelon – Watermelon hands down!

Hot Dog // Cheese/ Plain Burger- Hmm I actually like all the salads at a BBQ over the meat lol Like regular salad, potato, macaroni, cucumber, bean salads.

So what are some of your answers? Leave them in the comments below! Oh and after you do that subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a post! Oh and then come say hi on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn11, I’d love to hear from you!!

Thank you so much for being here! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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