✨Memorial Day… Not Just A Three Day Holiday ✨

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Hello Hello. I hope you’re having a good week + nice weather! It’s been rainy + cold where I am but I did have a good productive weekend which is always good.

With today being Memorial Day, I want to express my thoughts on Memorial Day so please hear them with love as thats how they are intended. My gratitude + thanks for all fallen service men + women is immense. Because of them, I enjoy all the freedoms I do. I will never forget them or the sacrifice they paid.  My heart goes out to their family + friends who have to live with their loss everyday.

To some today is just another day one that you might have off, throw up a Memorial Day post on social media + continue on with your day. Nothing wrong with that. To be honest until I fell in love with a Marine + military life became a way of life/normal to me, the above was me.

Now I understand + view this day very different. I know the pain + heaviness of the family + friends of fallen service men + women this day brings up. Today is not just a three day weekend to so many. It’s a reminder that someone they love gave their life for strangers + that they’ll never come home again. It’s why some people get so upset when they hear “Happy Memorial Day”. Because to them it’s not a happy day, it’s a national reminder of what they lost.

Both views of this day are not right nor wrong, they are just different + thats okay! I just ask that you have + show love, compassion + understanding if you see someone express their views/feelings of this holiday that are different from yours.

Thank you so much for being here! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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