✨ Friday Favorites: My Favorite Quote ✨

Happy Friday Friend! We did it, made it to the weekend!! Usually I’m not really phased by the weekends because I’m a caregiver + don’t really have time off ha! But this weekend is special because I’m officiating a wedding! I’ve never done it before so I’m a little nervous! So any good vibes you can send my way would be much appreciated! Please + thank you!

Today’s Friday Favorite is all about my favorite quote! I have loved this quote forever. I’m gonna age myself right now. This was my quote on my AOL profile back when we had them ha!

To me, this quote is saying you never know who’s going to falling in love with you, that it could happen at any time so always smile. It’s a reminder that even during bad times, smile because someone could be falling in love with your smile. That it could turn a bad situation into a good one ya know? That ya never really know who might be noticing you when you think you’re not your best. I dunno if I’m making any sense ha, so I’m just gonna stop here ha!

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Thank you so much for being here! It means so much to me!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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