✨ The Power of Good Friendship/Relationship in Your Life ✨

[Some of the best friends a girl can have!!]

Happy Wednesday Friend! We made it the middle of the week, 2 more sleeps + then its the weekend yay!! I hope you had a great week so far + if not, then I hope the last part of the week is great for you!

Today I want to talk all about the power of good friendship/relationship in your life! I have always known a lot of people. In high school I “knew” pretty much everyone but I didn’t know them ya know? I’ve always been a home body, comfortable being by myself. In college, I kinda grew my wings + made more friends, went out etc. I feel like I knew a lot people, would call them my friends but I don’t think I would call them great friends. Because I wouldn’t share my heart or what set my soul on fire with them they were more like acquaintances.

The older I get I have realized how important the saying or theory “quality over quantity” is. I have for sure thinned out the number of in circle.  Only keeping the people who really support me, really know me, who I feel comfortable with to share my heart, my dreams, what sets my soul on fire and most importantly my troubles, failings or set backs.

I will admit I have taken for granted that the fact that I have such amazing people in my corner. I was reminded the other day of how important it is to have a small amount of people you can count on. A good friend + I ended up having a great afternoon together at the mall, running errands, window shopping + a late lunch to end the day. [Looking at you Cheryl!] It was actually what my soul needed. We talked about everything + I felt relief that I could talk to her without the fear of judgment. That is the best gift anyone can give me honestly.

Then we ended up having a great conversation the next night too. It just really drove home how fortunate I am to have the circle of people around me I do. It is so important to have a handful, if not more of people who you can count on. Having these people is kinda like a weight lifted off your shoulders because its a constant reminder that your’e not alone. You don’t have to do life alone because you have your people in your corner, cheering you on.

Having the type of people who you can be away from for long periods of time but as soon as you get together its like you were with each other just yesterday. [I’m looking at you April!] The type of people that you can say the most random, non articulate thing, yet they know what you’re talking about + carry on the conversation. [I’m looking at you Megara ha!] God knew the type of people I needed in my life + sent them to me. I couldn’t be more thankful for Him for my people.

I pray that you have that too! You deserve to have a group of people you can trust + share your heart with. A group of people who you can count on when you need something. When you need someone to talk to without fear or judgment. Everyone needs these kinds of people in our lives because it is so important. I pray so much that you have people in your corner! If not I pray you try + find some because its really one of life’s best things + you deserve to have it!!

Thank you so much for being here! It means so much to me!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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