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Hi Friend!! Happy Monday!! I hope you’re having a great start to the week! The final week of the month!! Kinda crazy to think back to this week last year huh? A lot has changed but at the same time, a lot hasn’t changed ya know?

Anyway, today I’m showing you some before [the only before pictures I have are of my earrings] + afters of my jewelry + how I organize + store it. The before pictures are why I decided I needed to do something but I couldn’t take it anymore ha!


So with my earrings, I used to keep them on the cards they came on + then layered them on top of each other in the top two drawers. The top drawer was my every day earrings + the second drawer was my sparkle earrings. The third drawer was the left over earrings, the pairs that I like but wasn’t ready to donate them.

It was so annoying having to dig through all the earrings to find the pair I was looking for. I also thought that I had WAY too many + needed to thin out my collection. I found these organizers on Amazon + though they would be great for what I was looking for.

The vision I had in my head was drawers filled with sparkly jewels in velvet organizers.  Kinda like how some people have islands in their walk in closets with drawers filled with jewels. Thats what I was trying to do and I think I accomplished it + love how it came out.

It is so easy to pick out earrings now. As I started filling in the organizers I put my favorites in first + then looked at the remaining pairs. The earrings I wear a lot + bring me joy I kept them and if not they got donated. I put the the pairs that I like but don’t wear all the time  in the third drawer lined up as best I could. I also kept the earrings that actually have color + wouldn’t look very nice aesthetically.



As I cleaned out the drawers I found some bracelets + decided it was time to go through all of them + only keep the bracelets I truly loved + wear. I found this gold + glass tray at Target + knew it would be perfect to hold my bracelets. Pictured above are the only bracelets I kept + I love how it turned out + looks!


When I cleaned out the drawer with my bracelets + put them in the tray I found myself with an empty drawer. One of the trays that came with the organizer was for necklaces + I decided to put my most worn dainty necklaces in it.

For my longer necklaces I bought these acrylic necklaces organizers from the container store. My necklaces range in length + I picked these organizers because the pegs are at different lengths so you can put the shorter necklaces on the lower pegs + the longer necklaces on the top.


It was amazing at how many rings I had as I started going through all my jewelry. I narrowed it down + kept the costume rings in a plastic container with a gold top from Target. For my dainty, real [fine] + sentimental rings I keep them on a sparkly ring stand on my vanity.

All in all I love how all my jewelry looks + that it is on display. They kinda became decor + decor that only I have ya know?

How do you organize your jewelry? Leave your ways in the comments below! You can follow along on Pinterest + Instagram @jennniferlynn11 for photos + content that might not make it here. And don’t forget you can subscribe to the blog via your email so you never miss a thang ha!

Thank you so much for stopping by! It means so much to me! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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