✨ Friday Favorites: This or That : Spring Edition ✨

Hello Hello!! Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week + some fun + safe weekend plans!! We are back with another Friday Favorites: This or That post. Today is all about Spring favorites! I hope that this spring the warmer weather comes before June and it doesn’t rain as much. So here we go!

✨ Daffodils // Tulips ✨ – Tulips! I really want to go to Holland when its safe + go the tulip fields there!

✨ Peonies // Daffodils ✨- Peonies- I love the pale blush pink peonies!

✨ Early Mornings // Late Nights ✨- I’m torn on this one. As much as I like waking up either before or with the sun, I must say I’m more of a night owl!

✨ Bunnies // Baby Chicks ✨- Ugh this is a tough one but I’m going to go with bunnies

✨ Spring Break Vacation // Spring Break Staycation ✨- Spring Break Vacation. I love seeing different places of the big ‘ol world we live in!

✨ Painting Easter Eggs // Easter Egg Hunt ✨- My inner child LOVES Easter Egg Hunts! In fact my family has one every Easter, we love it.

✨ April Showers // May Flowers ✨- May flowers! I love fresh flowers in my home!

✨ Sandals // Flip Flops ✨- Flip Flops. I feel more secure in them

✨ Peeps // Chocolate Bunnies ✨ – Neither ha! I’m not much of a candy person

✨ Bird Watching // Star Gazing ✨- Star gazing! I think its magical looking up into the universe + seeing all the stars + planets

And thats it! What are your favorites from the list above? Leave them in the comments below!! Oh + come follow along on Pinterest + Instagram: @jennniferlynn11. And while you’re here, subscribe the to blog via your email so you never miss a thang!

Thank you for stoping by! It means so much to me!! 🤍✨

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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