✨ Life Update ✨

Hello Hello! Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. It’s been a crazy month for me with so much going on, some of which I’m going to share today.

I don’t know why or what caused it but I just lost all motivation + inspiration to create any content for the blog or IG. Whenever I tried to or opened my laptop to start a post I got nervous almost. Why I have no idea because even if I do create a post, I don’t have to post it ya know? The whole process just wasn’t bringing me joy like it used it.

So I took a step back + looked at my life in a whole to figure out why I was feeling this way. One thing I realized was that everything around me was the same, nothing changed. So the first thing I did was change up the decor in my room. I took down some of the winter decor + added some touches of spring. That did help but I still felt that something was missing.

I didn’t feel inspired to write about anything, I felt blah about everything ya know? I surprised myself when I took to my Pinterest  account to find inspiration.  Instead of looking for pins I found myself cleaning up my account. I ended up deleting over 11,000 pins that no longer brought me joy or inspiration. Cleaning up my Pinterest account helped more than I thought because not only did I find inspiration but I learned what I like + don’t like.

What I discovered was my style in everything pretty much, changed. I used to like clothing with color + now not so much ha! I am a neutral girls through + through, espeically in home decor. With that discovery I started shopping my own items to see if I could change anymore up to be more neutral + bring me joy when I look at it ya know? I also did some shopping for things that will help my space feel more me, neutral, + peaceful.

As I shopped my owns items I did find a lot of neutrals for home decor and so I switch up my decor yet again to more neutrals. I also rearranged some of the movable furniture I could. As I was shopping I tried to make sure that whatever I bought would match with what I had already + would go with future pieces I might accumulate.

That helped a bit but I still felt like something was off + that I wasn’t feeling my best. I’m not really a fan of the way I look in the mirror these days. With that being said, I decided to try on all my clothes. I kept all the pieces that fit + I felt good in. Put the maybes in the guest room closet because I kinda like them but not ready to get rid of them yet. Lastly, I put together a huge pile to be donated to Veteran’s of America.

I also decided to look at what I’m consuming, both food + environmental.  With food I have to say I eat pretty healthy but I know that I can do better + have more to learn about food. I also want to move my body more + learn about all the different ways to do so other than walking/running. Along with all that, I am also starting my day by drinking warm water with lemon. I also started walking down to the mail box every day to get the mail instead of driving.

With environmental aspects I mean the people I surround myself with, the tasks I do everyday + of course social media. Obviously with the current state of the world I’m not having parties or seeing anyone really lol. I just mean interacting with people via technology or in person if its safe. I only want to interact with people who are positive + supportive of me + my goals.

When I say the tasks I do every day, I mean I only want to do tasks that set my soul on fire + inspire me. Organizing my life in all aspects, working on Sparkle, putting positivity + kindness in the air, hopefully helping people, reading + learning about different things. Having soul searching conversations with the people I love the most, learning different things about them.

On social media I am very particular on who I follow + the type of content I consume. I want it to set my soul on fire + inspire me to create beautiful things.

So the easy part was figuring out WHAT I wanted. Now the hard part is how to actually execute it lol As of now your guess is as good as mine ha! So stay tuned + come along for the journey.

Thank you so much for being here + letting me share my journey! It means so much!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…




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