✨ My Three Wishes✨

Happy Thursday Friend! ! One more sleep and then its the weekend!!!  Normally I feel like January drags on but I have to say I kinda felt like it went by way faster this year and I’m here for it! I kinda can’t believe we are 4 days in to February! 

I love to get to know a person on a deeper level + love to ask though provoking questions. Actually if I’m being honest I’m the queen of questions ha! But one of my favorite ones is, “If you could have three wishes, what would they be?” So today I’m sharing my three wishes. 

I definitely have more than three ha! I mean who doesn’t?  But like I said, I love getting to know the heart + soul of a person so  when I ask this question I also follow it with not the usually ones like money, perfect body, bring someone back to life, etc. I mean the soul searching + deep wishes. As amazing as the wish for world peace is, I feel like its kinda board + easy ya know?  Does that make sense? lol I’m looking for the deeper ones, the personal ones. 

I of course want world peace, no one to go hungry or suffer, I wish there are no more diseases espeically the rare ones that we don’t know much about. I just feel like any decent human wants that but it doesnt really tell me what is on your heart or who you are on a deeper level. Otay I think we get it ha! 

Otay so here are my wishes…

I wish that I find my purpose + that is it helpful for others

I feel like my purpose is to help people. Thats all I’ve ever wanted to do! I just don’t know the outlet in which I can help the most people in the best way. Thats why I started this blog. I thought I could maybe help anyone who needs a safe place full of positivity, love, advice, faith, fashion, beauty hacks, home decor, soul searching topics, real, raw, vulnerable confessions and of course plenty of things that Sparkle and Shine Bright!! I wish that this space on the internet is how I can help at least one person with the things I post. I wish that my purpose is more helpful for others than myself + most importantly I wish that God uses me to shine His Glory through me. 

I wish love + kindness trump the evil + hate that surrounds us

I wish that we can can all show each other love + kindness ALL the time. I don’t know why we thought it would be okay to be + treat people so mean but I wish it stopped. I wish we can shower each other with love, kindness + grace instead of hate, evil, + plan right meanness. I understand that we all have differences and thats okay! What I don’t understand is why we are so mean to those who have a different opinion than us or look different.  What happened to agree to disagree + focus on ALL the other good parts of everyone ya know? I feel that if we do this we could do SO MUCH + make SUCH a difference in the world!! If we come together instead of being divided we could probably solve every major problem we have!  It breaks my heart when I read some of the mean + hurtful things people write on IG photos! Think about it, if EVERY person did ONE act of kindness or show love , little or big, think of HOW MUCH love + kindness would be put into the world! 

I wish for YOU to find beauty in your life, in the good times + bad. I wish YOU know that you are not alone + that you are loved

I wish that you always find the beauty in your life, in the good + bad times! I wish that you never have to go through bad/hard times but unfortunately that is just part of life, so I wish that they are far + few between! I wish they help you appreciate the good times more + believe that the bad times won’t last forever. You are stronger than you think + will get through anything + everything that is thrown your way! I wish you know that you are not alone in what you are going through. I have gone through A LOT in my short years on life but even if I’m not going through what you are or haven’t before there are others out there. No matter what, no matter what you have gone through I wish you how you are loved! I wish you know that you ALWAYS have a friend here [me] that will help you in any way I can, even its just listening!

Otay, so those are my wishes!  

What are some of your wishes? Leave them in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via email so you never miss a post! Oh and follow along on Pinterest + Instagram @jennniferlynn11. 

Thank you so much for being here! It means so much! 

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…




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