✨Friday Favorites: One of my Favorite People: JT✨

Today is a pretty important day in our family. It’s my grandpa’s birthday. He was awesome. Obviously no one is perfect + we are all flawed but I choose to focus on the good ya know? He was so easy be around + SOO generous! We had a lot of fun together + so many laughs! His laugh was contagious. He just went with the flow + trusted that everything would work out so he didn’t really stress that much. He was the most content person I’ve ever known. He is the definition of living your life to the fullest and he truly felt he did that. He traveled the world, had so many good stories, and just enjoyed life.

We always joked with him that he was not the best driver because he felt that he + everyone should use as much of the road as possible. [To be fair, he developed this theory back in the way when there were WAY less cars on the road ha!] But I feel like he took that + applied it to his life in every where. He took full advantage of life + all its opportunities.

I do blame him for my love of everything expensive + designer things ha! He taught me at a very young age [when I was 4 I had my pick of a Mercedes Sedan + a Mercedes Limo to be driven around in ha!] that when you travel, go first class. Well I applied that theory to every + all aspects of my life ha!

We used to have  late night conversations about EVERYTHING. When I’d go out at night he’d wait up for me to get home. I’d come up the stairs and he would say, “About time you’re home. Now I can go to sleep” with a HUGE smile on his face.  In the mornings he thought I wasn’t up yet he’d always yell, “Hey Sunshine are you awake yet?” He called me sunshine in the morning because he knew I’m not a morning person. He used to say, “Good morning Sunshine!” but stopped when I usually answered with my eyes half closed, “Whats so good about it?!” ha!

He was not the biggest fan of distressed denim. So every time I wore them he’d say, “Oh I see we’re going formal today” with a little twinkle in his eye. I worked in fashion but I always went to him to see how he liked my outfit of the day. He did like most of them but there were a few where he was not shy about his opinion ha!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss him + think of the laughing + joking we did. I smile thinking that he is with Cody + all his family + loved ones. I pray he’s looking down on me + smiling. I pray he’s proud of me. I pray he’s at peace + happy.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! I hope you’re have a great time celebrating!! I love + miss you 💖💖

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright..



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