✨ Goodbye 2020 ✨

Que Michelle Branch’s ‘Goodbye to You’ song [did I just age myself there? ha!] Happy New Year’s Eve Friend!! Can’t say that I’m sad to see this year go away + I feel that most people are with me in that.

2020 has definitely been a not so great year to say the least. For me personally it came with fear + anxiety of so many things, death + sadness.  For most of 2020, it was one of the hardest years of my life. I have never felt so scared, so anxious, so unhopeful, so alone, so out of control in my life. I have never felt so helpless in my life, so lost, so confused. I didn’t know who I was for a while.

With that being said, 2020 also had some good points to it as well. 2020 was the year of personal growth  for me.

2020  forced me to slow down + face my fears head on and actually deal with them. I couldn’t push them to the background because I was too busy with other things, because I wasn’t anymore. Because of that, I can honestly say that 2020  is ending in hope, strength, growth, faith, love + joy!

2020 made me realize + believe just how strong I really am. It made me grow into a better version of myself that personally I think I truly needed. I had to face change + embrace it which is something that is very hard for me, but also very rewarding because now change isn’t as scary as it once was.

2020 humbled me to my knees. I had to ask for help + accept the help. I had to learn that is it OKAY to ask for help and that it doesn’t make you weak but that it makes you strong. I had to accept that I can’t do it all on my own + thats okay. I wasn’t meant to!

2020 brought me closer to God + Jesus! For that alone I’ll always be thankful to 2020 for forcing me to realize how much I need + depend on them.  I saw how Good + Loving God is, even during the hard times that feel like they’ll never end.  I learned to let go of control on a lot of things + give it to God because he knows better than me. He has a plan that is always better than my dreams + desires, and that I have to be patient + trust his timing because it’s better than my own.

2020 made me realize how precious life is + that tomorrow isn’t promised so take full advantage of every day! Do the things that make you happy, take risks, love on people hard + throw kindness around confetti. Nothing bad can come from loving someone + being kind!

So here’s to 2021 being the best year yet 🥂! I pray that it brings you love, success, growth, good health + all your dreams come true!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright..



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