✨ Favorite Purchases of 2020 ✨

Hi!!! How are you? I hope you’re having a good start to the last week of 2020!! Can you believe that 2020 will be over in a few days?! It’s been an interesting year to say the least huh?

Today I thought it would be fun to do a review of my favorite purchases of 2020. I honestly didn’t buy a lot this year because I wanted to try to be kind to all delivery personnel. Most of these products are items I purchased in the last few months. I also blogged about most of these products as well in blog posts so I’ll link the blog post if you didn’t read them.

#1. Sézane Gabby Bag [Currently Sold Out + Black is unavailable]-I linked it anyway in case you want to have a notification of when it comes back in stock.  I wrote a whole blog post on this bag here so I won’t repeat it ha! But I LOVE this bag + am so glad I snagged it when I did!! Be ready to see it styled in a lot of my blog posts ha!

#2. NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible-  I bought this in the beginning of the year + I am so glad I did! It’s really helped me dig deeper into my faith journey + understand the Word better + how I can apply it to my life. I’ve learned a lot + feel closer to God which is the goal. It also has great pictures, charts + maps.

#3. GORJANA Griffin Dog Tag Necklace– I could not check out fast enough when I discovered this necklace. I love the daintiness of it, the gold + pearl so its neutral + can be layered with a number of my other necklaces. But the part I love the most about it is that it’s a dog tag + I bought it so I could match with my Marine. I layer it with my James Michelle Crescent Pearl necklace and they look amazing together.

#4. Chanel Tray–  I love this tray! Every time I look at it I smile ha! It’s so pretty, looks good with anything! What I love even more about it though is that is it handmade + done so well! I highly recommend the tray + shop for more products!

#5. Chanel Beauty Products- I am a beauty product collector ha! And I love products that are obviously clean, good quality + actually work. But I also love when the products have a luxurious + glamorous look/feel to them. It makes applying the products an experience kinda + makes it more special ya know? Chanel beauty products do that for me, well to be honest Chanel anything does it for me ha!

  • ROUGE COCO GLOSS MOISTURIZING GLOSSIMER [Shade: 712 Melted Honey]- This is a moisturizing lip gloss that actually moisturizes + gives your lips a beautiful shine without being sticky! Love it for days when I want a little something more than just a lip balm. I also use it onto of lip stick.
  • ROUGE COCO FLASH I LLUMINATING TOP COAT [Shade: 200 Light Up]- This is beautiful! I wear it alone or on top of lipsticks. It gives a glossy sparkly look on the lips.
  • ROUGE COCO BAUME- This is a straight up lip balm that works very well! I love it! It’s the easiest one to apply that I have as far as you don’t have to use your finger or be careful of how to you squeeze the tube. [I’m doing a whole blog post on my tried, true + favorite lip balms, treatments + products! So stay tuned for that!] I bring this with me everywhere ha!
  • ROUGE COCO GLOSS  [Shade: 774 Excitation] -This is one of my favorite glosses to top lipsticks with to make them look more glossy + shiny. It is not sticky which I love and applies really well. I wear it alone or layered + love both looks.
  • OMBRE PREMIÈRE LAQUE [Shade: 22 Rayon]- I don’t have a  lot of cream shadows and like this one because it is neutral, easy to apply and super pretty! It looks great alone all over the lip or just in the inner corner of my lid to open up + brighten up my eyes when I have a darker color on the outer corner of my eyes. [I hope that made sense ha!] It does come in other colors as well.
  • LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL PETITE KABUKI BRUSH- This is one of my top 3 favorite brushes and not just because it’s Chanel ha! It looks so well, delivers product evenly + smoothly. I use it to set my foundation with powder but sometimes after I’m done with all my products I’ll run it over my face so everything blends together and looks natural.

#6. Long Rechargeable Flexible Flameless Lighter [Gold is currently unavailable]- This is the coolest lighter ever. You don’t have to push + pull buttons at the same time to ignite the flame, or refill it or get a new one when the lighter fluid runs out of the traditional lighters.  I feel like it’s safer too because it’s more of a spark than an actual flame. It is rechargeable + flexible to light the hard wicks and stuff. I’ve used it so much already.

#7. WoodWick White Teak – Ellipse Candle– [Scent: White Teak] This candle is awesome. Not only does it smell amazing, but its a neutral color ha! But the best part about this candle is that it sounds like a cracking, roaring fire. It’s so relaxing. I light it for hours, it makes my space smell awesome + the way the flames flicker it makes the space super cozy as well. I’ve had it for about a month now and I burn it pretty much every day for a long time and I’m only about halfway through the candle so you’ll defiantly have it for a while. It always comes in other sizes + they all crackle like a fire. It’s a genius idea + great candle!

#8. Glass Shelves for Inherited Antique Corner Hutch- I had custom glass shelves made for this hutch I got from my late Aunt + I LOVE the shelves + hutch! It brings me so much joy seeing it every day + styling the shelves different ways.

#9. James Michelle PEARL CRESCENT NECKLACE– I wrote about this in the Gorjana Dog Tag section + also in this blog post all about James Michelle Jewelry. It’s beautiful, dainty, gold + can be layered with anything.

#10. James Michelle Silver Cable Chain [Length: 18 Inch] – I love James Michelle jewelry! I bought this chain for my Armenian Cross. I can’t link the cross because it is one of a kind + made just for me. This chain is the perfect length + amazing quality! I have no  taken it off since I got it a couple months ago. I sleep in, shower in it + it hasn’t turned my skin a funky color ha! or tarnished or anything. Highly recommend!

#11. All Photography Accessories for Photo shoots – I bought four back drops, a back drop stand, tripods, a sequin table cloth, 66 feet of lights that can be plugged in + accessories to make my photo shoots pop more + more original. Every time I have a shoot it brings me so much joy to pul this items out and create awesome photographs.

And thats it! What are some of your favorite purchases of the year? Leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear + maybe find one of my favorites in 2021! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! Oh and follow along on Instagram + Pinterest @jennniferlynn11!

Thank you so much for being here!! It means more than you can know!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright..



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