✨ My Go-To Look: Winter Edition ✨

✨ Outfit Details ✨

Sweater: Free People Sizes are limited soI linked Similar:  Here // Jeans: [Old Express] Similar Here + Here // Shoes: Gucci Inspired Here // Bag:  I Love Jewelry [My color is not available] The Pink version is here

Hello Hello!! Happy Monday! The last Monday of 2020!! This is a weird week huh? It’s like time just kinda blends into itself. I know don’t about you but it’s usually the week that I have no idea what day it is or what I should be doing. To be honest though, that has been pretty much all of 2020 for me ha! I can’t tell you how many times someone will ask me what the day and/or date is and I go 🤷🏻‍♀️ ha! 

If it isn’t obvious by now lol I’m a ripped jeans + a black shirt kinda girl ha! I love everything about these pictures. The sweater is awesome. It’s oversized but still flattering. It’s super warm too! I’ve worn it with jeans + leggings and both looks were very flattering and comfy- which is all what we can really ask for in an outfit right? The sweater is limited in sizes in the black but it does comes in different colors as well. 

I’ve blogged about these jeans a couple times now. They are the perfect length for me and I love the distressing. The part I love the most about them is the fabric. They feel like a sturdy denim but they have some stretch into them as well so you don’t feel like you can’t move. Unfortunately, they are old so I linked a similar pair from Express + a Good American pair as well. 

I will admit, I was NOT a fan when Gucci came out with the whole ‘fur on mules’ trend. It took me a while to get on board but I haven’t to say, ever since I did, I haven’t looked back. I’ll spend an insane amount of money on a handbag or piece of jewelry, but shoes not so much. So I was thrilled that Target came out with a pair inspired bu the trend. They are surprisingly warm so I usually wear them in the fall + winter. They are a fun cozy option besides Uggs. Plus I feel that they dress up the look as well, or any look really. 

I bought this bag as a dupe to my dream Chanel bag ha! I have to say I LOVE it! It looks very much like the Chanel one I have my eye on ha! It’s super roomy + big which is what I look for in most of my handbags. I like that you can wear it on your shoulder or the crook of your arm. It’s super light weight with nothing so its great a great weight when I put all my stuff in it ha! 

The part I love most about these pictures is how happy I look. I was feeling really good about myself- the way I look, felt etc. It’s true what Audrey Hepburn said, “The prettiest girls are the happiest girls.” I was truly happy + excited during this photo shoot! My prayer, wish, dream is to bring that happiness into 2021! I have some ideas on how I’m going to do that so stay tuned!

What is your go to outfit? What makes you the happiest? Leave them in the comments below!! I’d love to read them! 

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Thank you so much for being here! It means so much! 

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright..




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