✨ A List of Fun Holiday To Do’s ✨

Hello Hello! I can’t believe we are 4 sleeps away from Christmas! Not sure where the time went and yes I know I say this every month at least once ha! I’m kinda a little late on this post but I feel that there is no time limit on when you can do Holiday + Christmas things ya know? I always say I want to be done all my shopping, wrapping, decorating etc a week before Christmas so I can really enjoy the season. Ask me how many times that happens ha! Some of these I feel like you can do all winter long and then some of them tweak them and do them all year round.

✨ #1. Bake Christmas cookies and your favorite treats! Don’t forget to leave some out for Santa + his reindeer! Ha!

✨#2. Watch a Holiday and/or Christmas movies every night. Make it an experience with lots of cozy blankets, comfy + cozy pjs, your favorite snacks + drinks. Light some candles and/or a fire if you can.

✨#3. Make a Hot Chocolate stand/station + make an extra special cup with your favorite toppings. You can even make your own hot chocolate bombs now!

✨#4. Go around + look at other people’s Christmas/Holiday exterior  decorations [safely of course!] A fun 2020 way is to drive around + have hot chocolate and wear cozy clothes and/or pjs. You can bring blankets + snacks a make a night of it! ✨#5. Decorate you space with all your favorite Christmas + Holiday decor

✨#6. Do random acts of kindness through out the Holiday season. You can make your neighbors a fun care package with the holiday cookies + treats you baked, just as an example. You can also  donate to your local food bank or shelters with warm clothing you no longer need or want.

✨#7.  Take lots of photos of anything + everything because it will be fun to look back and think of this season and how you celebrated during a Global pandemic. I did this through the whole year actually, but I also do it every year because I LOVE looking back + seeing all the memories I created + experiences I got to enjoy.

✨#8. Read Christmas + Holiday themed books. And of course the class, The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

✨#9. Count down the days till Christmas with an Advent calendar. You can make your own  or do one already done for you.

✨#10. Decorate a Christmas Tree + your space with lots of Sparkle decorations! It is the season to sparkle ha!

✨#11. Every year, either make or buy an ornament that best represents you that year.

✨#12. Make + decorate a Gingerbread House. You can make a night out of it with the whole family. Listen to Christmas music, put on comfy pjs, and only take the phone out for photos + videos!

✨#13. Hide a pickle in the Christmas tree + you can race to see who finds it the fastest + have specials prizes + treats for the winners. My family does this every year and I have to say, my youngest brother is really bad at it ha! He’s always the last to find it.

✨#14. Play Elf on the Shelf- it’s gotten so big that you can buy accessories + everything for it now. I also saw a subscription box of sorts with SO MANY ideas for you elf!

✨#15. Matching Christmas Pjs for the whole family. This could be fun to wear if you go drive around and look at Christmas lights. Or have it be a present everyone opens on Christmas Eve and wears them to bed so you match on Christmas Day.

✨#16. Be extra kind, understand, patient + giving to yourself + others! [This is really a year round to do]

✨#17. Set up the Nativity

✨#18. Talk + read the Bible all  about the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus!

✨#19. Don’t forget to write thank you cards to everyone who was generous + gave you gift. Big or small, material item or service, write a thank you!

What are some of your favorite Holiday to do’s or traditions? Leave them in the comments below!

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Thank you so much for being here! It means so much!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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