✨ My Christmas Wish List AKA: Dear Santa ✨

Hey there! I hope you’re having a good day and able to enjoy this Holiday Season as weird and far from normal as it is. Today’s post is just for fun. I know this year has been hard for everyone in one way or another and sometimes in more ways than one [myself included]. Sometimes I need to take a time out from life [like I said in yesterday’s post] and day dream. So this is what this list is, me day dreaming about what would make me smile opening under the Christmas tree. I don’t expect anyone to buy me these products or even myself right now but I do love to dream ha!

My number one prayer, dream, wish + hope is that Covid dies + the world is safe again, as I feel is everyone’s right now too. That won’t change until it becomes a reality. So until then here is my wish list that makes me smile.

#1. Burberry Giant Icon Check Cashmere Scarf–  I put this in my Luxe Gifts for Her Gift Guide. In my opinion,  besides Chanel + Louis Vuitton, Burberry is the most iconic designer that everyone recognizes when they see the plaid. This scarf would be an awesome gift because it can be used over + over throughout the fall + winter season, and never go out if style. The person receiving this will have it for years to come.  It can be worn with jeans and a trench coat, with a fancier coat, dress + heels. It can be worn so many ways and look good every time.

#2. James Michelle Rainbow Necklace– I love this necklace and how dainty + pretty it is. It would be great to layer with my other James Michelle pieces and my other dainty gold necklaces. I love the quality of this brand! I never take my silver chain that holds my Armenian cross off. I shower with it, I wear it with other necklaces and the chain still looks brand new! The pieces are hand made so they are always one of a kind. I can’t recommend this brand enough! I did a whole blog post on this company here if you want to check it out.

#3. Chloé Love Story Perfume– I do actually have this but I don’t like buying it for myself because its kinda pricey. Love Story smells expensive [because it kinda is ha!], luxurious, like a glossy designer magazine, or the beauty counter at high end department stores like Nordstrom. When I wear it I feel sophisticated, polished, put together almost. It has a clean smell, its not too floral or sweet. Even my littlest baby brudder likes it ha! Plus it looks pretty on a vanity or dresser.

#4.Chanel Brooch- This was on my birthday wish list as well. This is quite the spurge I know + agree. However, I feel like along red bottom shoes, theres something that the double C has that instantly elevated whatever it is on. I could use this on a hat, jacket, handbag, blazer, the list goes on really. Again, I wouldn’t have to buy a ton + it makes me feel confident which is worth it to me.

#5. Chanel Tote Bag- This is my dream bag. I have coveted this bag for YEARS! I love everything about it, the shape, style, handles, size, the list goes on. Its huge which we all know I’m all about. I love that you can carry it two different ways. It’s fabric so you can pack a lot in it and when you put it on your arm it will mold to your body so it’s comfy to wear.

#6. Louis Vuitton TOILETRY POUCH 19- This is another piece that was on my birthday wish list. [At least I’m consistent ha!] I have coveted this LV piece for so long! I was actually torn between this and the Gabby Bag [for my birthday gift to me , from me ha!]  but since I’m really not traveling anywhere I thought the handbag would be a better purchase for right now. I feel like this has multiple uses, I can use it for travel but I can also use it as a clutch or I can put it in my clear purse and change the look of it. I could also use it as decor. But I’m kinda changing my mind and might pull the trigger if Santa doesn’t bring it to me lol

And thats it! What are some of your dream items? Leave them in the comments below!

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Thank you so much for being here Friend! It means the world to me!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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