✨ My Go to Outfit + The Gabby Bag Review ✨



Jeans: [Old Express] Similar Here // Top: [Old Nordstrom] Similar Here // Earrings: One of a kind from Designer Jewelry Finds // Necklaces: Dog Tag + Crescent Moon // Bracelet: The Styled Collection // Shoes: Ugg Mini // Bag: Gabby Bag

Hi!! How are you?! I hope you’re doing great!! We only have one more sleep until the weekend!! I’m so excited about today’s post because it was my first “photo shoot” for the blog where I picked the location and stuff like that. It was so fun + my Aunt takes AMAZING photos!! I can’t thank her enough for all the love + support she has shown + shows me when it comes to Sparkle! She was there from the beginning when I started the company so have her help me in each step is pretty cool.

Today I’m talking all about my go to outfit and reviewing the Gabby Bag, which was my birthday gift to myself ha! I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. The shot I like + don’t. I’m not the thinnest person by any means but I’m don’t hate my body either, and wanted to show my curves [the last couple pictures] and embrace the way I look. This is a reminder that YOU are BEAUTIFUL the way you are!! Don’t let society or anyone tell you otherwise!

✨ My Go to Outfit ✨

I am a jeans + teeshirt girl paired with comfy shoes ha! I usually always reach for a pair of jeans, mostly distressed. Fun Fact: I have more jeans with distressing on them than not ha! I usually opt for a black top, but i’ll switch it up to white sometimes ha! I love the off the shoulder look so this shirt was a no brainer for me. I linked on on amazon that I heard good things about, but don’t personally own.

For everyday I usually wear gold dainty jewelry. I usually wear a couple necklaces layered no matter what. I have a habit of playing with my necklaces a lot during the day. For earrings, I usually go more statement but with having to wear masks these days, I usually opt for no earrings because they get stuck on the mask straps and my mask ends up falling off.

My bag, the bigger the better in my opinion, as it hides my Armenian hips ha! Plus I can carry all my stuff and not worry about not having something. I love this Gabby Bag and may even buy it in another color!

The Gabby Bag by Sézane

I have been coveting this bag for almost two years ever since I saw it! I LOVE handbags, the bigger the better and this one just called to me ha! I think it is so classic, clean + elegant. I can see myself wearing it with jeans and a tee and a pair of flip flops [in the Summer] or Uggs [in the Fall + Winter]  and then out to dinner in wearing black pants and a sparkly top with heels.

I love the gold hardware espeically since its almost braided and not links. I usually don’t buy leather goods but made an expedition with this one and the leather is buttery soft. I love the size of it. I can fit my 13 inch MacBook Pro, binder, planner + notebook, wallet, card holder, keys, cosmetic case, all with ease. The handles are reinforced so I feel confident putting some weight in the bag but I’m also cautious as well.

There is a little zipper pocket on the side and then two large pockets on the outside. I love the outside pockets because its a great place to put your phone, keys, mask, lip balm etc, all the things you reach for a lot + usually find their way to the bottom of your bag. You can fold the sides in to make it a smaller and different shape as well. I like that it doesn’t hold its shape because when you are carrying it it molds to you and makes it more comfortable.  The only thing I wish the bag has is feet on the bottom so when you put it down it’s more protected.

I have to give a huge shout out to the company Sézane!! They are awesome! The customer service is amazing! The shipping is super fast! I ordered the bag late at night on November 8th and it arrived early in the day on November 13th. Coming from France, during a global pandemic, I though that was pretty impressive.

I feel like they really want you to enjoy every part of the experience from ordering to opening the package. The box the bag came in was sturdy + personalized! When you open the box you are engulfed in their signature scent. They even surprised with me a birthday gift! I also recently learned that it is a sustainable company and uses as much recycled items + eco friendly processing as they can.

I can not recommend this bag or company more! I know its a little on the pricy side but I believe that it will last you a life time so the cost per wear is definitely affordable in that way. Plus like I said, you can wear it dressed up or down and black goes with everything.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it!!

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Thank you so much for being here! It means so much!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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