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Hello Hello! Happy Tuesday! Can you believe its December already?! It know I say this a lot but wow, January felt like 5 months, March felt like 3 years and now its the last month of the year! I love this time of year as I am definitely a Christmas person! I love the twinkly lights, sparkly decorations, and the true meaning behind it! I hope you get to enjoy this holiday season with your family + loved ones! 

Today’s post I’m switching gears from yesterdays post and bringing you a Gift Guide all about Stocking Stuffers. Here’s the thing,  when I searched multiple websites for stocking stuffers, it was the same old thing on every one: razors, chap stick, deodorant, candy, tooth brush, toothpaste, etc. As great + piratical as those gifts are, I challenged myself to find something new. I tried to keep it around the $10 mark and there is a variety for the ladies, guys, kids, + whole family to share! I don’t personally own any of these but I wouldn’t be opposed to getting them either ha! So let’s jump in shall we? 

#1. Sof Sole Deodorizer Balls– How I wished I knew about these back when I lived with my parents + my brothers played every sport! We really needed these ha! But they aren’t just good for people who play sports, you can put them anywhere + in anything you want to smell good. They come in a a bunch of different color options too to meet everyone’s personal style. 

#2. Premium Glass Nail File With Case– I don’t have this exact one but I do have glass nail files and prefer them over the regular ones. I feel they do a better job and I don’t get that nails on a chalk board feeling ya know? I like that it comes with its own case because they do easily break, thats the only down side to them. This one comes in a bunch of colors as well and its great for anyone. 

#3. Would You Rather Game Book for Kids: Yuck! Edition – Totally Gross, Disgusting, Crazy and Hilarious Scenarios for Boys, Girls and the Whole Family–  I though this would be a great pick for any one, including kids + adults. Its a great way to spend time with the family and have some clean fun and lots of laughs. We can all use that right now, + always really. There are different options if the YUCK! Edition isn’t for you. 

#4. Sephora Favorites Sephora Favorites Hello! Holy-Grail Greats– This is the greatest deal I’ve seen all Black Friday Weekend! You can put all the items in one person’s stocking or split them up. There really are holy grails in this kit! They are the perfect size if you want to try any of the products or if you know you already love them, they are great for keeping in you bag so you always have them. 

#5. AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge– Okay, not the more glamorous or luxurious gift, but still very practical and useful. I feel like everyone needs to have one of these. They aren’t great just for tires on a car but they are great for anything that has a tire, bikes, scooters, etc. It goes come in different colors to match anyone’s color preference. 

#6. TICARVE Cleaning Gel– I think this is another great tool that everyone should have. It’s great for cleaning small places, like car vents, or those hard to reach places. I thought it would be fun for kids, they can use it to clean but still have fun doing it. It has over 12,000 4.5 star reviews. You can use it over and over until the gel turns a darker color. 

#7. NOSHINKU Travel Size Bergamot Hand Sanitizer– Unfortunately 2020 has been the year of needing to use hand sanitizer even more critical and I really liked this one because its super flat so it can fit easily into a pocket or bag. I also like it because it doesn’t look like your typical container of hand sanitizer. I liked it beaches its an all natural, hydrating hand sanitizer so it won’t try out your hands. 

#8. KINGOU Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball Brain Teaser– I thought this was a really cool stocking stuffer for someone who has it all or is super smart or who likes brain teasers. It has over 1,700 almost 5 star reviews. Just be careful if you use it around small children as the parts are a chocking hazard. I think this would be fun for the whole family. You could time each person to see who can complete a puzzle the fastest or something like that. 

#9. Random Marvel Movie Facts: 352 Fun Facts and Secret Trivia from the Marvel Cinematic Universe– With Marvel movies being so popular I thought this would be a fun gift for someone who is a true fan and loves trivia about the Marvel Universe. I feel this is a good gift for adult or child or both as say two siblings or a parent + child can read it together. 

#10. SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Surprise Set–  I thought this was another great stocking stuffer because you can either give them all to one person or split them up. They have something for all types of skin types. This is a great way of trying out different kinds of masks that focus on one result, like brighter skin, to see what you  like + and what you don’t like. 

And thats it! What are you favorite stocking stuffers? What other ideas do you have for stocking stuffers? Leave them in the comments below! 

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Thank you so much for being here Friend! Means the world to me!! 

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