✨ Gift Guide 2020: Luxe Gifts for Him ✨

[My Favorite Boys besides My Daddee + Marine]

Let’s hear it for the boys ha! Today is all about Luxe gifts for the Him[s] in your life. The way I approached this gift guide and kinda all of them really lol is when it comes to adults, gifts are hard because when we want something we generally just go and buy it ya know? So I tried to come up with gifts that are more luxe and long lasting, products or items he might not buy himself. Plus all the Hims in my life are really picky when it comes to clothes + stuff like that so I typically get them the stuff I know they won’t or can’t buy ya know? 

I also take into consideration the quality + amount of use they can use the gift so I tend to get to buy pieces that I know will hold up to them not being that careful with them ha and pieces that I know they’ll use over + over.  When picking the products for this gift guide I made sure that each item is available in wide range of price ranges.  For example, the backpack- it’s pricy but a backpack in general is a great item for a guy to have in his wardrobe ya know?  It doesn’t have to be the exact one I linked [if any of this made sense].  If the items I linked are great for the Him in your life great! If not, use this guide as inspiration for items in your budget.

I also want to claim up front, that I am the definition of girlie girl ha and much better with gifts for girls than boys ha! You’d think since I grew up with three younger brothers I’d be better versed at this but nope. So I’m sorry in advance for the not so stellar reviews below because I only know the bare minimum lol 

So here we go! 

#1. Apple AirPods Pro- I feel this is a great gift for the Him in your life always on the go, working out, a music and/or podcast junkie. They don’t have to be bothered by wires and I like that they sync easily + you can personalize it just for them. 

#2. VESSEL Signature 2.0 Faux Leather Backpack– I liked this backpack because it will hold up well, and can be dressed up or down. And what I mean by that is, it’s nice that they can take it to work. but also on a day trip when wearing jeans and tee ya know? I noticed that my bothers tend to use backpacks more than anything when they need to carry a lot so this would be perfect for someone like that. 

#3. Andar- The Apollo Wallet- I totally learned about product from + stole this idea off of Darly-Ann Denner [thanks girlfriend!] This is the coolest wallet. I feel like George Costanza would love it ha! [And yes, totally calling myself on how old I am lol]. Anyway it’s a leather wallet that holds A LOT but stays super thin so you’d never know it. It has a couple different versions+ colors and is very durable. Daryl-Ann bought it for all the men in her life ha, and loved it so much that she made one with the  company for women! 

#4. ACQUA DI PARMA Barbiere Essential Shaving Kit– This has amazing reviews despite the price tag. I feel like when it comes to anyone skin, the products you use should be good ones. You have your skin all your life ha!, it’s your biggest organ so I believe it’s worth the investment. Especially on the face because thats what people look at the most ya know? 

#5. FRYE Logan Zip Messenger– This idea goes with the backpack idea. If the Him in your life doesn’t want a backpack, a messenger back is a great option! They are great for running errands, they hold a lot, and is a great alternative to the traditional briefcase. Again, this can be used when they are going to work or running around town in jeans and a sweater. I like the worn in look so they don’t have to be super careful about marking it up. 

#6. TRAEGER PRO 780 PELLET GRILL – BLACK– I have heard NOTHING but amazing things about this Brand for grills. I have no idea if the one I linked is the best or not ha! But I do know that it was used as a prop on the TV show Last Man Standing. If Tim Allen approves, I think all men do ha! 

#7. GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua di Giò pour Homme Eau de Toilette– I love this cologne, mostly because its the one my Marine wears ha! But this is basically an inspiration for any high end cologne. I personally like the higher end types because they smell better + last longer, so you don’t need to use a lot so it lasts longer.  

#8. Cobra XL Speed Mens Complete Golf Club Set– So this is basically a place holder for ALL sporting equipment. Watching my brothers play sports all their lives I learned one + one thing only- the good stuff is pricey! I know nothing about sporting equipment therefore I know nothing about the clubs I linked ha! If the Him in your life is big into sports, grabbing him his favorite [insert product here] would be a great gift!


Tickets to his favorite sporting event or concert when public events are open again– I actually did this for my bothers one year. We went to a football game and stayed in the city of the team and had a great time. I took a ton of pictures and we still talk about it all the time. Can’t wait to be able to do that again! 

Electronics– There are so many gadgets and different types of electronics out there that I’m sure the Him in your life has on his wishlist. He’ll think of you every time he uses it ha! 

Car Parts– Like I said above, I’m a girlie girl. The bigger the vehicle the better in my mind which is why I’ll only drive SUVs or big trucks ha! But the then that, I know nothing about cars and the parts that make them, except that they are expensive ha! So maybe a new head unit or fancy lights? I really have no idea, I’m just winging it at this point ha!  

Otay that wasn’t has painful as I thought it was going to be ha! If you have any great ideas for the Him in your life leave them in the comments below! 

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Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…




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