✨ Gift Guide 2020: For the Homebody✨

Hello Hello! How are you? One more sleep until the weekend!! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? Where did that come from? Ha? But to be honest, I feel like I say where did the time go at least once a month lol It’s like ever since March was over, boom, its Thanksgiving at a blink of an eye.

With everything going on in the world, I feel like we’ve all become homebodies. With this gift guide, I hope its more inspiration than go out a buy the products ya know?  With this year I’ve tried to make my “normal everyday” activities more special + luxurious, an experience if you will. My thinking is, in doing this, I’ll look forward to doing them every day and staying content staying home ya know? Some of these products I have + love and am so glad I have them, especially staying home so much. Other’s are things things I have, but can’t link or in the market for.  I’ll ya know know in each products description if I have it or not. Let’s get started shall we?

#1. Barefoot Dreams the COZYCHIC® WOMEN’S RIBBED SOCKS– Okay, I know $18 for one pair of socks is a bit much but I’ll tell you they are magic! They are so warm + cozy,  + super soft! I wear mine all the time and will probably get another pair or two. I’ve had mine for a while now and they have been washed + dried thousands of time and still look brand new! Basically you need cozy socks ha! These or another pair will do!

#2. The Home Body by Jonna Gaines– I couldn’t have a Gift Guide for the Homebody without including this book! I have it and love it. Its a great coffee table book and resource because Joanna Gaines explains the different types of styles there are, examples of each, beautiful pictures, and section you can even decorate your own space. With everyone being home I thought its a great resource for those who want to change up their space, and its a great decorative piece as well. I love a good multi-use product!

#3. Every Day Mug– I put this in because even after the holidays are over, having a cute everyday mug will elevate the experience of drinking your favorite hot beverage, anytime of the day. It can be like a reward for making it through the day ha! Or really whenever you want it. I found that finding joy + appreciation in the little things makes the days better + I feel better. I had a version of this mug [and almost cried when I broke it] but every time I used, it made the whole thing more elevated and I enjoyed my tea [not a coffee drinker]. I enjoyed it more.

#4. The Home Edit Life by Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin (Hardcover)– This is another product [book] I have and love. I also really enjoy watching the series on Netflix as well. It has great tips + tricks for organizing ALL + EVERY part of your home!  I bought this because not only do I think this ladies are geniuses when it comes to organization, but with all the extra time I’ll be at home, why not make it the most organized and put together as possible ya know? Its also a great coffee table book.

#5. Wooden Bowl Scented Candle – White Cedar & Tonka Bean– Okay, I know this is a pricy candle but its really big and will make the whole house smell really good. I don’t personally have this candle, but I know someone who does and loves it! It lasts a long time so you’ll have it a long time. I feel like a high end candle burning just makes the atmosphere + ambiance of the space more warm + cozy. And who doesn’t want that? Like I said at the beginning of the post, if this is too much for you, another candle will do!

#6. Warm + Cozy Mug– This red warm + cozy mug was actually the inspiration for the style board! I might snag it. I love that its a cheery + bright red with gold accents! It’s great for not only the up coming holidays but all through the winter season and you can even bring it to Valentines Days. Personally, I’m always cold so being warm + cozy year round is a goal of mine ha!

#7. BAREFOOT DREAMS® CozyChic® Unisex Robe– Okay, I know $99 for a robe is kinda crazy but hear me out ha! With having to be home more, whats better than staying warm + cozy in a luxurious robe? If a robe isn’t your or the person you’re giving to’s vibe, cozy lounge pants + top work just as well. You and/ they  can also layer the lounge under the robe. And of course, a robe + lounge set of your choosing will work as well.

#8. BAREFOOT DREAMS® In the Wild Throw Blanket- I have this blanket and absolutely love it! I don’t know what or how this company makes their products but they are pure magic! The material they use is  just amazing. I’ve had this blanket about a year and a half and wash it every week and it looks + feels brand new! I was just telling a friend how the blanket is magic. Its cool enough in the summer, yet warm enough in the winter! This could also go on the luxe gift guard because it is pricey, but again its very worth it and will make staying home and warm + cozy more appealing as we all are staying home more.

#9. MITBAK Pour Over Coffee Maker Set – I am not a coffee drinker, so I know nothing about this ha! But my best friend LOVES coffee and she said she wanted this because it makes the whole “drinking your morning coffee” experience so much richer. I feel this would make a great gift for the coffee lover + homebody in your life. They’ll have it for a long time and will think of you ever time they have their coffee ha. If you have a tea drinker on your list you can grab them an electric kettle with a pretty mug and spoon set.  Another option is  a kettle that can double as a decor piece like this one and of course their favorite tea.

#10. Journal– With all thats going on in the world and staying home and more isolated, a journal is a great for the homebody on your list or anyone really. Its a great way to get your feelings out + document this season in our lives. I feel this is a great gift for anyone really. It would be cute with a mug and/or candle. The person can cozy up with a blanket, their favorite candle burning, a cup of their favorite hot beverage in their favorite mug and write about whatever they want.

You can always follow along on Instagram: @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlynn11. Thank you friend, so much for being there! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you come here to read my words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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