✨ Gift Guide 2020: Luxe Gifts for Her ✨

I feel like some gifts are hard to get other people ya know? You need to know sizing, color preference, etc. When choosing these Luxe Gifts I wanted them to be practical and well loved + used. Since these gifts are on the higher end price wise, I wanted them to be able to get used a lot and stay in great condition. I also thought about how the gift would keep on giving, as an experience for example. The skin care system can make the receiver feel like they are at the spa and feel beautiful + pampered. The handbag can elevate a look so the person wearing it feels like a million dollars. That kind of experience if that makes sense ha! 

#1. Slip Pure Silk Glam Band– I love all Slip’s products and this might actually be a For: Me; From: Me gift ha! I feel like this product will help give the person you’re giving it to, an elevated experience of putting on their skin care + beauty products. All of Slip’s products are good quality and hold up well. For those of us who do a skin care + beauty routine twice a day I feel that this would be beneficial to your hair + head over time. It looks wider than the more affordable head bands so I feel like that is better as you won’t get any product in your hair. 

#2. Chanel Brooch– This was on my birthday wishlist as well and I may splurge on it for Christmas, we’ll see. This brooch is stunning and will elevate any look. You can put it on a hat, jacket, handbag, sweater, scarf, the possibilities are endless really. I love mixing high and low end pieces so they would look amazing on a basic black quilted handbag for instance or a black cadet cap from Target ya know? 

#3.Sezane Gabby Bag- I did pull the plug on this bag for my birthday last week and I LOVE it! No regrets! The bag is beautiful and buttery soft leather. [Normally I don’t buy leather but I made an exception with this bad.] The gold hard wear is the perfect gold color and a rope like texture. It has two pockets on the outside and an inside one. The handles have reinforcements so I feel comfortable carrying my laptop and such in it. I will definitely be purchasing from them again! They made the whole process an experience. The tape on the box was personalized and they even added a surprise birthday gift. The shipping was super fast, I got it in about 5 days, all the way from France. 

#4. BURBERRY Giant Icon Check Cashmere Scarf– In my opinion,  besides Chanel + Louis Vuitton, Burberry is the most iconic designer that everyone recognizes when they see the plaid. This scarf would be an awesome gift because it can be used over + over throughout the fall + winter season, and never go out if style. The person receiving this will have it for years to come.  It can be worn with jeans and a trench coat, with a fancier coat, dress + heels. It can be worn so many ways and look good every time. This might be on my Christmas list ha! 

#5. BEAUTYBIO Founders Faves Full Size Set– [DISCLAIMER: To be fair, anyone, guy or girl can use this product. I just feel that more girls will reach for this because its kinda a complex system, but that doesn’t mean only girls can or should use it.]  This is another gift that keeps on giving. What person doesn’t want glowing, healthy, clear skin ya know? I know this set is pricy but it is full size of the entire set and it’s something the person  can use over + over again, at home. You’re giving them a spa like experience at home that they can enjoy whenever they want. Can’t get much better than that in my book. Plus they can try out all the products and when the time comes, they only have to buy the products they truly enjoyed and saw results with. 

#6. JO MALONE LONDON™ Wood Sage & Sea Salt Scented Home Candle–  I don’t personally own this candle, or know what it smells like but I’ve heard really good things about it this company. The jar in which the candle is in, is super pretty and will look great on a vanity, counter top, dresser, etc and be great for a catch all place. I personally like when candles have lids because if you choose to put something in it after the candle, you can hid it and make the space a little more neat + tidy. I choose the Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent because I don’t floral or sweet scents and LOVE the beach. 

#7. TOM FORD Gloss Luxe Lip Gloss– I have this lip gloss and every time I put it on I feel like amazing. The packing is beautiful, black with gold edges and its actually pretty heavy so it feels good ya know? I have the shade: 14 Crystalline – very light nude with pearl. It looks great alone or layered on top of a lipstick. I will wear it alone or layered on top of Charolette Tilbury’s Kim K W. It smells good and has almost a peppermint flavor to it.  

#8. Chloé Love Story– This is another product that I have and LOVE! It smells expensive [because it kinda is ha!], luxurious, like a glossy designer magazine, or the beauty counter at high end department stores like Nordstrom. When I wear it I feel sophisticated, polished, put together almost. It has a clean smell, its not too floral or sweet. Even my littlest baby brudder likes it ha! Plus it looks pretty on a vanity or dresser. 

#9. GUCCI Matelassé Leather Card Case– I love my Kate Spade card case [no longer available] I use it every day. Its great for sticking in my back pocket when I don’t want to take my handbag in a store [which with Covid, its the case these days for me]. The Gucci one will forever be a classic, basic, staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s great for everyday use + for travel. You can put it in any size bag really, even wristlets + clutches. This one does come in other colors, I just like the black because its class and will never go out of style. 

#10. TOM FORD Soleil Neige Eye Color Quad Eyeshadow Palette– This is another item on my Christmas list ha! I love the packaging and elegance of Tom Ford Beauty products. They feel heavy + high quality. They are elegant + luxurious and that is how I feel when I apply them. The shades in this palette are great for an every day look, smokey eye, glam, subtle, the list goes on really. I feel like they are good universal shades that will look good on any skin tone + eye color. 

Those are my top Luxe gift ideas, there will be more in my upcoming Gift Guides, so stay tuned for those! You can read my Gift Guide for the Beauty Guru here.

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