✨ Friday Favorites: Kindness + Love ✨

Hi Friend! It’s the weekend!! We made it! I hope you had a great week!! Sending you good vibes on this Friday the 13th! It’s also World Kindness Day and I feel that it is super fitting with all my posts this week as they’ve all focused around being kind to one another. 

So today’s post is going to be short + sweet ha! With lot of this weeks posts have been centered around how we should treat each other no matter the differences, so I’m continuing that trend with today’s Friday Favorites: Kindness + Love. I LOVE when people are kind  towards each other + love one another! I LOVE reading stories of people either accepting acts of kindness + love or doing acts of kindness + love. Let’s fill the world with more of them shall we? 

This is your reminder ha, to be kind with + love each other! We are all in this journey called life together, and it is up to us to get through the good + bad times TOGETHER! And we can only do that together with kindness + love. Hold the door for someone, let someone in your lane, give someone a compliment, make a treat and bring it to someone who needs a little extra love. A lot of little acts will add up to millions of little actions. Think about it, if each person did just ONE little act of kindness, think of how many little acts of kindness would happen! 

I’ll start: I cannot thank you enough for being here! I think you’re awesome that you take the time out of your day to read my blog! Thank you thank you thank you!! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope you do some little acts of kindness and I hope you also get to receive them as well! 

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…




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