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[Me on my first birthday]

Hello Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun filled weekend and that you start the week just the same. This is the start of my birthday week! Well really November 1st started my birthday MONTH off ha! My birthday is on November 11th and this is the first year in a while that I won’t be going away for it. I will be very honest, I’m really bummed about it. I LOVE traveling,  exploring new places + immersing myself in the culture I’m in. I haven’t been anywhere since my birthday trip the Keys last year.  However, I have SO MANY BLESSINGS to be thankful for that I am focusing on them. 

Ever since I could buy things for myself, I feel funny or even selfish asking for things from my family + friends around my birthday.  Plus, I’ll admit it, I have pretty expensive taste and I don’t feel comfortable with someone spending that kind of money ya know? I’m really a big believer in buying quality over quantity. I’d rather buy a really nice handbag instead of 10 not so good ones that I’ll either never wear + donate or use it so much that it breaks and I have to buy another one. 

So for fun, I put together a birthday wishlist of all things I have my eye on. I’ll be honest, most of the items are high end + luxury pieces. That’s not to say I’m not a loyal customer of retailers like Target + Walmart + Amazon, because I am. It’s just with certain things I like the designer versions. Plus this is just for fun. I don’t expect anyone to buy these items for me or for me to buy them all at once. 


THE MAIN WISH:  This is going to sound cheesy but its true- I want everyone to treat each other with kindness + compassion, despite all differences. I know it’s easier said than done, but it is possible. Along with COVID GOING AWAY and the world being safe again. 

#1. LV Toiletry Pouch 19– I have coveted this LV piece for so long! I was actually torn between this and the Gabby Bag but since I’m really not traveling anywhere I thought the handbag would be a better purchase for right now. I feel like this has multiple uses, I can use it for travel but I can also use it as a clutch or I can put it in my clear purse and change the look of it. I could also use it as decor. 

#2. APHRODITE CRYSTAL RING– This is such a stunning ring! To be honest, I’m kinda  mad at myself for not snagging it this past weekend when James Michelle had their holiday sale. It’s just that I’m not really going anywhere and I can’t justify wearing it around the house ya know? So when I do start going places, I’ll for sure snag this ring! 

#3. Christian Louboutin Kate Pumps- I know, $700+ for a pair of shoes is a lot. But to me, they are worth it because the quality is there and I won’t have to buy anything pair. Plus there something about red bottom shoes that just makes me feel elegant, polished, classic, luxurious + confident. The confident is the most important part to me and my confidence is priceless ya know? 

#4. Sezane Gabby Bag– I actually did buy this for myself ha! Can’t wait for it to be delivered. I have wanted this bag for YEARS and with everything going on this year, I pulled the trigger. It’s such a classic, clean + polished bag that I will wear it with jeans + a tee or with black skinny jeans + a sweater. 

#5. Chanel Brooch– This is quite the spurge I know + agree. However, I feel like along red bottom shoes, theres something that the double C has that instantly elevated whatever it is on. I could use this on a hat, jacket, handbag, blazer, the list goes on really. Again, I wouldn’t have to buy a ton + it makes me feel confident which is worth it to me. 

#6. GUCCI 54mm Square Sunglasses- The bigger the sunglasses the better in my opinion ha! I have gone through SO. MANY. pairs of sunglasses so I tend not to buy quality sunglasses. But the more I think about it, because I feel like they are cheap, I don’t really take that good of care of them ya know? The amount of pairs I’ve gone through don’t add up to this one pair, but going forward, it might be close. I also can’t buy my favorite “cheap” pair of sunglasses so I think it’s time to upgrade. 

To be honest, this was kinda hard to come up with ha!  These are the items that have been on my wish list for a while and I kinda like that I didn’t get all these items at once because it’s fun to work hard for each one and be able to appreciate it before jumping to the next item on the list ya know? 

What are some of your favorite gifts? Leave them in the comments below!  You can also follow along on Instagram: @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlyn11 for more pictures + content! As always thank you so much for being here, means so much!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…





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