✨ Friday Favorites: This or That – Fall Edition✨

Happy Friday Friend + Happy Weekend! I know I say this all the time, but wow did this month fly by?! Like this year, I feel like the season weather as been weird [at least where I live]. It’s cold yet humid which is really a really odd combination. I have no idea how to dress ha! Then when its not cold + humid, it’s cold + raining for a week. I do have to admit though, I LOVE rainy days. They are the perfect days for cuddling up with either a good book or a movie + just relax. Although they hard on days where I have to actually do + go places ha!

I just decorated my room for fall, I know I’m a little behind but I was waiting for my Aunt’s corner hutch to be moved into my room. I finally got it in my room Wednesday night + found out that the two shelves that go in the top part are missing. So that’s a disappointment and kinda a challenge because I have to figure out where to go to get the shelves custom made. Anyway, I digress [again lol] but since I decorated for Fall its feeling a little more Fall “like” to me and I wanted to bring that to the blog. 

I love doing/reading all the “This or That” questions that circle around Instagram and thought it would be fun to do a big blog post of This or That and make it all Fall related. So here we go! [Disclaimer: I found all these questions on Pinterest] 

Pumpkin Spice // Apple Cider- this one is hard. Pumpkin spice for food [muffins, etc] , apple cider for drinks [hot/cold  apple cider] 

Soup // Chili – Soup Hands down, all year round 

Bubble Baths // Candles – Candles. I think I’m the only girl who DOESN’T like bubble baths, or baths in general ha! 

Carve Pumpkin // Make Pumpkin Pie- Carve Pumpkins. I don’t like baking or pie lol 

Candy Apples // Candy Corn- Candy Apples, caramel with rainbow sprinkles are my favorite 

Scary Movie // Horror Book- Neither, I’m a big ‘ol chicken ha! 

Hot Tea // Hot Chocolate- Hot Tea always because I don’t drink coffee, but I do like the occasional hot chocolate in the winter 

Savory Snacks // Sweet Treats- Savory Snacks, I don’t like candy or chocolate 

Sweaters // Flannels- Sweaters, comfy, cozy + oversized are my favorites 

Corn Maze // Haunted House- Corn maze but I have to go with someone to make sure I get out ha!

Haunted House // Haunted Hayride- Haunted Hayrides, some of my fondest childhood memories were at Forest Of  Fear in NY and we always went on the haunted hayride 

Hayride // Corn Maze- Hay ride, I LOVE hayrides! Either on a farm, pumpkin patch, or haunted 

Cozy up Inside // Go on Chilly Walks- Cozy up inside. I always want to be  cozy cozy cozy ha! 

Sound of Crunch Leaves // Sound of crackling fire- Sound of crackling fire, either a bon fire or inside fire. I LOVE sitting in front of a fire with family + friends laughing + making memories 

And thats it! What are some of your favorite This or Thats? Leave them in the comments below! You can always follow along with me on Instagram: @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlynn11 for more!!  Always, thanks so much for being here! Means so much!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…





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