✨ One of my Favorite Fall Looks with One of my Favorite People! ✨

This is one of my favorite people April! She and I meet  while working at a women’s clothing store  back in 2013 and it was the best thing to come from my experience there.  She is the most loyal and thoughtful person. She’s hilarious, super smart + has a heart of gold! She’s so genuine and willing to help you no matter what she’s going through.  When we met we  instantly bonded over make up + getting our nails done. The funny part about that is that my nails are always a neutral color, either white or a french manicure. April on the other hand can rock the neon + bold colors like no one else! I’m more a neutral girl with pretty much everything ha! April is more into wearing colors, be it her nails, clothes, and hair and I love that about her. Every time we worked together, it was always fun to see what color hair she was rocking or hair style, mostly because I’m a chicken when it comes to being bold about hair styles + clothes lol 

It’s so nice that I can  trust her completely and never feel like she’s judging me + is always there for me when I need to talk.  She is a great  listener when I have a problem or something is upsetting me. She offers understanding + great advice. She helped me A LOT when I was super  insecure about my looks + body image and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for all she did for me then. She has always had my back and best interest in mind. 

We both love to travel + experience new things.  She is so easy to talk to. I remember we went to dinner once +  had so much fun talking  we ended up losing all track of time that we were actually asked to leave because it was way past closing time ha! She has always been in my corner rooting me on about launching Sparkleandshinebright.com + continues to support it today.  She’s a really great person + friend and I hope everyone has a friend like April and I’m so blessed +thankful to have her!! 

The pictures above were taken when we went on our girls trip to DC 5 years ago this month actually. The first night we were there, we were getting ready to go to dinner and ended up wearing the exact same thing by total accident. We both had on distressed denim, a white tee shirt and a Marine green Military jacket. We even both had brown handbags. We had so much fun on that trip. It was perfect for us, 1 part girl time, 1 part retail therapy and 1 part sight seeing + exploring.  We are already planning our next trip once it’s safe to do so. 



Outfit Details:

Jacket: Rails [on sale from $198 to $119 but sizes are limited] | White Tee Shirt: Target, Universal Thread | Denim: Mine sold out, Similar here  Sneakers: Mine are sold out, Similar here

This is my hands down favorite fall look. I wear it every year. I love it so much that I alter it and wear it in the spring +  summer as well. I feel like in the Fall, you need layers because its chilly in the morning + evening but hot in the afternoon. I usually wear a white short sleeve shirt with my favorite pair of distressed denim and Marine green jacket. I raved about this jacket in in this post

Depending on the weather I’ll either go with flip flops, [usually these] or sneakers, usually some version of Adidas Superstars. [Both of the pairs I have are limited edition and aren’t sold anymore but I have my eye on the pair I linked].  I’ve also worn this look with knee high riding boots and mini Uggs. I love this outfit because depending on the weather I can swap out the distressed denim for non distressed and I can also wear it with black skinny jeans, either distressed or not. I also appreciate that I can wear it with a lot of different options of jewelry. Gold, silver, pink, sparkly etc. 

It’s a great outfit for traveling in, I actually wore it home from my trip from the Florida Key. It’s great  for running errands, and/or going out for a casual dinner. You can dress it up or down and it’s super comfy which is what I always look for in my outfits. 

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Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…




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