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Hi there! Yay we made it to Friday!! I hope you had a great week!! Today I’m starting a new series today called “Friday Favorites” and it’s all about my current favorites from products, food, TV + movies, book, fashion, beauty + skin care, the list goes on. It’s going to be really random but I think that makes it fun because ya never know what you’re going to get lol I’m still working out the details on how it will be formatted and stuff but I didn’t want to wait until it was perfect. I’d rather it be raw + real and the more I do of these, the better I think it will get. 

So in no particular order, this week’s favorites are: 

#1. Positivity + kindness in all forms.

I feel like the world is missing some of this and I try my hardest to put some back as much as I can. That’s what I want this blog to do. I want my little corner of the internet to be a place to come to for positivity + kindness. I try to be as positive + kind in the content I create + in person as much as I can. I’m not sure who said this quote, “You never know what someone is going through” but it really hit home espeically when I’m dealing with a frustrating situation or if someone is taking their situation out on me ya know? 

#2.Getting cozy + reading a good book. 

I love reading! I love how it can transport you to another world, someone else’s shoes. I love how you can learn anything with reading. I mostly love inspirational, romance, business + finance books. I also love rereading my favorite books. I don’t really have a preference on reading from my iPad or a physical book. I have pro + cons for both version, it really just depends on my mood lol 

#3. Journaling + reading scripture in the morning before my day starts 

I started doing this back in August when my anxiety was really bad and it really helped me get all my worries + thoughts out. Writing letters to God and telling him my thoughts, fears, questions, + prayers calmed me down a bit and made me feel safer. Reading scriptures made me feel comforted + love and I knew everything was going to be. It really helped shape my day and I noticed I felt better every day.  I love going back and seeing the prayers I once asked for when they are a reality. God is good! 

#4. Lay’s Dill Pickle Chips 

I love pickles! I always have, ever since I was little. When we would go out to eat I’d always order extra or steal my dads ha! I can + have eaten jars of pickles at a time. When dill pickle chips first came out I was the first to try them and to be honest I never really liked any. Until now. Lay’s is my favorite brand [the best brand, right babe? 😉] and they very much nailed it. These are the best Dill Pickle chips I’ve had. I eat an embarrassingly amount of them a week. The only thing that really bugs me is that the bag is always only about half way full. I’ve never really noticed with their other flavors. 

#5.How cozy my room feels with my string lightspre lit pocket rod curtains turned on at night 

I feel like this picture is kinda looks like an odd duck in this post but I figured this was the best way to really show why I love these lights at night and how cozy it looks. Years ago I only had the string lights in my palm plant and was happy with that. Then about four years ago during the holiday season I put up 50 feet of pre lit garland around my room and LOVED how it looked and made the room so cozy. So I expanded the string lights and found the pre lit curtains and absolutely  love it. It  Everyone who comes in loves it and I get so many questions about the curtains. [Both the curtains + string lights are linked] 

#6.My favorite candle burning.

When it comes to scents, I don’t like floral or sweet. I tend to reach more musky + natural scents. This candle smells like guys cologne to me and I love it. I love how it adds to the coziness of my room when my  curtain + sting lights are on. Even after I put the candle out, the fragrance is still in the air hours later.  I even got my grandma hooked on it ha! 

And that’s it! Thank you for taking the time to be here! It means so much!! Come back next week to find out what the Friday Favorites are! 

What are some of your favorites? Leave them in the comments below or on Instagram: @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlynn11. 

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…





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