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Who doesn’t love Amazon? I have said fora while that Google, Apple and Amazon are going to take over the world ha! I love reading other people’s Amazon Favorites blog post, IG story or YouTube videos. I wanted to join the club lol This is one out of many Amazon Favorite posts. This one is full of products I use on an every day basis or are my absolute favorites. I love my Prime membership, I definitely get my moneys worth with all the add ons beside the very convient 2 day shipping on most all items.

#1. Beauty Sponge- This is the best beauty sponge I have ever used! It’s a dream. It doesn’t absorb a lot of your product but it will blend and even out any areas you went a little heavy on. It’s also super affordable at around $4 + free shipping with Prime. Can’t really beat that in my book.  I keep mine in this beauty sponge holder, also on amazon. It is great because its great for travel or just sitting in a drawer or your vanity. One side has holes so even if it’s wet, it can air dry and not get moldy. It is $10 + free shipping with Prime.

#2. Decorative Tray– For a neutral girl, this tray is awesome. I have styled it during many different seasons and in many different ways. I love that the hardware is gold but it also has a mirror bottom and crystal railings. It’s easy to clean and looks high end. It is currently $44 + free shipping but not a prime item.

#3. Comfiest Shirt– I have this shirt in black, white, and  pink. It is so comfy and flattering. I got the largest size for a super oversized fit and to wear off my shoulder + and have longer sleeves. It is longer in the back so its great for leggings. I wear it in pretty much all year expect when its super cold and I want my shoulders covered + heavier material.  I do believe it is pretty true to size and it is $20 + free shipping with Prime.

#4. Mechanical Pencil– I know this sounds a little silly but i have to say this is the coolest + best mechanical pencil I’ve used and I’ve used a lot of them ha! It has the coolest mechanism on how you move the lead up and down. You manually unscrew the bottom and then with the ring on the pencil that is attached to a magnet,  the lead moves depending on how you move the ring. To lock the lead in place you screw the bottom back on. The lead is also really thick so it doesn’t break. The pencil also comes with 12 more pieces of lead and a sharpener.  I will admit I bought it because it is the prettiest and glamorous pencil I’ve seen ha! The only downside is, it does not come with an eraser.  It is $12 + free shipping with Prime.

#5. String Lights– I love these lights. I have mine strung up around a palm plant and then over and through the decor i have on pieces of furniture around my room. They are indoor/outdoor lights so I don’t have to worry about them when I water my palm plant. The string is clear so its not easily noticeable and the lights are a soft + warm so it makes the space very cozy.  I’ve had them for a couple years and recently a few have started  to flicker and die out. The good thing is, a couple dead bulbs doesn’t wipe out the whole string of lights.  It is $17 + free shipping with Prime.

#6. Silk Pillowcases– These are a great silk pillowcase for a fraction of the price of others I’ve seen. They don’t absorb my skincare at night and I don’t wake up with lines on my face anymore. I haven’t really done much to my hair these days but I found that its not as wild + crazy in the morning.  I wash and dry them normally with no special care and they have lasted fine. They come in several different colors and sizes. I have the standard size in Taupe and they are $10 for two + free shipping with Prime.

#7. Lens Ball– I LOVE photography and this is the coolest thing for awesome pictures! I’ve taken it all over New England, St. Thomas, all over the Florida Keys + and locally to where I live. It’s a really cool way to add an effect  to your photo without adding a filter and altering the photo. It takes whatever surround it is in and inverts. It comes in two different sizes, both on amazon. I have the biggest size the 80mm which is $42 + free shipping with Prime. the smaller size, 60mm is $31 + free shipping with Prime.

#8. iPhone Charger– I’ve had this charger for a couple of years and it still looks brand new. I have the 10 foot and it has come in handy so many times. The lightening end and the cord it self is thicker than the Apple chargers so it hasn’t frayed or anything like that. It comes in four colors and 4 different lengths. The price varies depending on length. The gold 10 foot one that I have is $18 + free shipping with Prime.

#9. Portable Fan– I have this in pink and absolutely love it. I bought it for drying my face after I apply my setting spray but I also use it for when I paint my nails ha! It has two speeds and I think the best part of the fan is you don’t need batteries. It comes with a cord to charge it. I really don’t have to charge it every often, it holds charge for a good amount of time. The price  varies depending on color. But they are all under $15 + free shipping with Prime.

#10. Candle Lighter– I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I can’t use matches to light ANYTHING. I’m a fire hazard really. I use have to use the user friend push a button and a flame appears lighter. The problem to me was they were all kinda ugly ha! The one I have is gold and I like that I can leave it out next to my candle and it looks like decor. I also  like that it is bendable so it can reach hard to reach wicks. I also like this that its not an actual flame, its a spark that lights the wick and you charge it with a USB charger that comes with it. It comes in several colors and they are all $10 right now + free shipping with Prime.

#11. Mouse Pad–  I admit I bought this mouse pad because I wanted something pretty on my desk to make it more pleasing to the eye, but I have to say I’m glad I did. Since my the mouse I use for my iMac is wireless, I like that this mouse pad is sturdy so when I want to use my computer from my bed or something like that, the mouse doesn’t fall off like it would with the soft traditional mouse pads. It comes in gold and rose gold and in two sizes- large + small. I have the large gold and I really like it. The price varies depending on the size. Mine is $14 + free shipping with Prime.

That’s for now but stay tuned for more Amazon Favorite posts! What are some of your favorite Amazon products? Leave them in the comments below! I’m always up for learning about + trying out new products.  You can always follow along on Instagram: @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlynn11 for more pictures and content. As always, thank you so much for being here! It means so much!

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