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Those that know me know that I am the Queen of Questions ha, and I’m pretty sure that my favorite question to ask is ‘Why?’  Well, I feel like it is only fair for me to answer the question, ‘why?’ 

Why did I start my blog Sparkle and Shine Bright?

I started my blog for a couple of reasons. 1. I had just quit my full time job to take care of my grandparents and found myself with more time on my hands that I thought I would have. I started reading blogs in my spare time and had an ‘a ha!’ moment, why don’t I start my own blog? Back when I started reading blogs, they were mostly just fashion + beauty and I had just quit my job in fashion and knew that I could contribute what I learned to the blogging world. Plus I loved [and still do] beauty + skin care products. 2. I needed an outlet to express myself, be creative, and focus on  something happy and light, rather than medication, doctor appointments, meal planning, and going to the food store and pharmacy every day.  And last but not least 3. I LOVE helping people. I live for it. It’s kinda selfish really because I love how it makes me feel. I love seeing the smile on people’s face or the relief in their shoulders when I can do something for them. Since I was staying home more with my grandparents I thought I could still reach + help people through my blog without having to leave the house. When I worked full time in fashion, I loved helping people pick out outfits and watching them gain their confidence and walk out feeling  like they could rule the world. That was the best part of my job. I missed that feeling when I quit my job and I thought I could get it back by helping people through my blog. 

Why did I choose the name ‘Sparkle and Shine Bright?’

Once I decided to start a blog, the first thing I had to come up with, was the name. I thought a lot about what I wanted it to portray, what I like most about in life, what I gravitate towards the most, what I wanted my message to be, things like that. I looked around my life,  my room, at my beauty products, at my Pinterest boards, etc and found with no surprise that I LOVE things that Sparkle and Shine. When I went to get that for a domain name it was already taken. I added bright to it because thats what I how I want people to remember me and my blog, as something that Sparkles and Shines Bright with kindness, positivity, tips +tricks, beauty + skincare tips, outfit inspiration, and soul searching + heartfelt posts. I want to make the world a better place and I want it to Sparkle and Shine Bright.  

Why did I wait 5 years before posting more regularly ?

I didn’t intentionally mean to wait 5 years before posting regularly. I did actually publish a couple posts when I first started but deleted them soon after  because I didn’t like them or the looks of the blog. Then life happened. A lot of life. I think that it had to happen that way because I grew a lot in those 5 years and it made me the person I am today. After I quit my job I felt like I lost my identity and I had to reinvent myself and find who I am without the 9-5 job. I don’t think I was ready then to create + publish the content I am now.  It wasn’t just self grow + discovery that kept me from posting back then, taking care of my grandparents kept me on my toes, espeically on the days that they didn’t feel their best and when my Grandma broke her neck at the same time my Grandpa started to go down hill. When I did have a little time to myself, I just wanted to veg in front of the TV and not have to think of anything. I had to put Sparkle on the back burner because I was mentally exhausted. In the 5 years that I had to put Sparkle on the back burner, I thought about it everyday and would jot down post ideas for the day when I would need them. I believe that “When the time is right, I the Lord, will make it happen.” [Isiah 60:22] I like that instead of “everything happens for a reason.’ And I believe that 5 years ago wasn’t the right time. 

Why do I post the content I do?

When I plan out my content I try to balance inspiration + soul searching post with  product + goods/fashion posts. I love deep + raw conversations and connecting with people. And I also love  a good eyeshadow palette and  pair of jeans. I don’t want to push products + goods down your throat and I don’t want every post to be heavy + deep ya know?  I just want to help people as much as I can so when I create each post I start with the question “how or will this help someone?” When I post about beauty and/or skin care, yes I like the products but I like them because  they give me confidence. I feel my best when I do my skin care routine and apply my make up. When I post fashion + outfit posts its for inspiration + confidence. The soul searching, real + raw posts are because I want to help people who are dealing with the same things I am + I want them to know they aren’t alone and that everything will be okay. I want to add more inspiration +  positivity + kindness in the world because I feel like you can never have enough ya know? I also post the content I do because it brings me  joy and it’s fun to make + create. 

Ironically, I can’t think of any more ‘why’ questions ha! If you think of any, leave them in the comments below. You can also follow along on Instagram: @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlynn11. As always, thank you so much for being here!! Means so much! 

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…





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