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Hi Friend!! I hope you had a great week and have lots fun plans this weekend!! I still can’t believe its the beginning of October! I love this time of year, I love when it gets cooler, and you have to bundle up in cozy sweaters + blankets, I love the sunsets, I love how the leaves changes and how the Earth seems to put itself to bed for its long winter sleep. Pumpkin + apple picking and hayrides are some of my favorite childhood memories.  Plus Fall is my favorite season because of my birthday ha!

Anyway, I’m rambling lol Today’s post I wanted to change gears a little from not so great life updates and fashion. Today’s post is all about how I incorporate the ‘Less is More’ statement in pretty much every aspect of my life and why. 

I feel like the notion of  the “less is more” way of living per say, is becoming very popular and I can’t help but jump on its band wagon. Yet,  at the same time wonder how long it will last before a new “way of living” will replace this one. But for now I have to say I really like the theory ‘less is more’.  It can seem intimidating to go through all you own but if you break it down by category or room, it goes by really easy. Once you start seeing some progress you just want to keep going. 

I started this concept with my wardrobe and stared to build  a capsule wardrobe. I tried on every piece of clothing I own and donated what didn’t bring me joy, or fit and only kept the things I absolutely loved and fit. I’m still trying to fill the holes in my capsule but I have been much better about only keeping pieces that I truly love, fit well, I feel good in, and can be worn at least 3 different ways.  For example I only bought 4  things during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year.  If you want to see what I bought, read this post.  [Just be prepared that they might be sold out.] In past years during the sale I bought everything, even if I already had something similar because the price was great. I also try to donate a piece if I buy another similar item so that my wardrobe doesn’t get out of control. 

Another way I applied  less is more is in my make up and skin care routine. I have ridiculously problematic skin which really deserves a post all in its own.  I mean it’s worse then when I was a teenager. WHY?!  I’ve tried so many products both cosmetic + skin care in the past eight years both high end +  drug store. I changed up my diet, cut out diary +  sugar and nothing worked until I applied the less is more theory and cut down on the number of products I use for skin care and make up. I also incorporated a lot of clean products and love what I am using so I’m not eager to buy more products to try. [That will be a post all in itself] 

I also applied this theory to all my jewelry, home decor, books, shoes, handbags, travel bags, etc. Basically I looked at everything I have and went through it and only kept what I truly loved and was excited to have. I donated all the things that no longer brought me joy to an organization for Veterans. [Whenever I have items that don’t bring me joy I always donate them to Veterans. My beauty products go to family or in the trash for sanitary purposes.] After I donated everything I looked around and still could not believe how much stuff I still have but it was much better than before. About every quarter I go through my possessions and see if I can donate anything else. I do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. It reduces the amount of clutter I have on all surfaces and just all around me. Until I clear the clutter, I never realize how much better everything looks and how much better I feel. It’s kinda like a breath of fresh air if that makes sense.
  2. When I only have the items around me that truly bring me joy and I’m excited to either wear or style on a piece of furniture etc I appreciate it so much more and I’m more grateful for all the things I have. And because I love what I have I don’t have the urge or desire to buy anything else.
  3. Not only do I like the feeling of having fewer items but when I donate the items it make me feel good that perhaps something of mine that no longer brings me joy, can put a smile on someone else’s face.
  4. I find that with less clothes and shoes in the closet to choose from, and less skin care + make up products to choose from it makes getting ready much easier and faster. I already know that everything I have I love and fits well so all I have to do is pick pieces that are weather appropriate and fits my mood lol

I have really liked the results of applying this theory to my life because I truly am appreciative of everything I own and I’m excited about what I have around me. That in turns make me happier and that is my one of my main goals in life: be happy- in life, where I am in my life, and with everything I have. And that the fact that I can help bring some joy to someone with the items I donate well thats the best part! I love helping people so its more motivation to go through my belongings.

What do you think of the ‘Less is More’ theory?

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