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Hi there! I hope you’re having a great day and start to the week! I had a rough couple weeks but I’m back and am continuing the Fall Find Faves series and today its all about my favorite fall basic tops. These are the six types of tops that I recommend for a fall capsule or in your wardrobe in general- whether you’re starting fresh or adding to it. Or if you need some inspiration for some new fall looks, I’d start with these six first. I feel like they are the best for mixing + matching with each other or items you already have in your closet. 

Some of these I actually own and others are just examples of current, in stock items. [I do specify if I own each item or not]. I am a neutral girl so most if my wardrobe is black, white, grey, marine green, and ivory/beige. I like that they are flattering on me and I can mix + match all the pieces and create multiple looks. However, if you like color, then go for it! The items featured in this post that I have are neutral in color  but if thats not your thing and you are in the market for one or more of these pieces than purchase them in colors you’ll wear a lot and can make several looks with one piece so you can get more for your money. 

So on to the post! 

#1. Cardigan– Are perfect for transitioning into fall and then in the heart of fall. They are great for transitioning into fall because the mornings and nights are chilly but the days are still warm so its perfect to layer when you need a little extra warmth. They are great for fall because on those cold days, cardigans are like wearing a blanket and you can wrap it around you. For someone who is always cold, I LOVE cardigans all year round ha! I’m a neutral girl so I have cardigans in black, white, grey and cream, but honestly any color that you’ll wear with at least 3 outfits I feel is the way to go. 

#2. Basic Long Sleeve Top– I love these for fall and winter! I have one in every basic color. They are great for layering under cardigans, sweaters, or  sometimes I’ll just wear it by themselves front tucked into jeans. I have some in different lengths as well for when I layer under sweaters or I’m going to wear them with leggings. When I know I need a lot of layers, I’ll start with a basic long sleeve top and then go from there because they are thin so they don’t bunch up when layered with a lot of layers [on those cold fall days or when I’m going to be outside for a long period of time.] 

#3. Chunky Sweater– Chunky sweaters, and this one specifically to me, screams fall. It’s perfect for wearing with jeans and a pair of booties. I love chunky sweaters on those cold fall nights when you’re outside by a fire pit making s’mores + memories with friends + family. They are great for going out to dinner in [remember when we could just go out to dinner and not worry about anything]  or hanging out on the couch watching TV. They look cute on and keep ya warm. What else can you ask for ha! 

#4. White Button Down Shirt– I do have this one and its super flattering. I think button down shirts are awesome for all seasons really but espeically fall + winter. I wear mine with jeans and booties, black skinny jeans, under sweaters, with sweater vests [yes I still love that look ha!] the list goes one. These shirts are so versatile in what you can do with them and how many different looks you can create with them. [I feel a separate post on this is coming lol so stay tuned for that.] 

#5. Sparkle Top– Okay are we really surprised to see a sparkle top included in this list? Ha! I feel like a sparkle top adds a pop of color and a little something, something. And in my opinion there is nothing wrong with a little [okay a lot lol] of sparkle in one’s outfit. You can wear it alone with either jeans, black pants, skirts. Or you can layer with a denim jacket for a casual look or a blazer for a more dressy look. Personally I don’t think sparkles + sequins are just for New Year’s Eve, I wear them all year round. 

#6. Tunic Length Sweater– I do own this sweater and love it but any tunic length sweater is great for fall and then going into winter. They are great because you can wear them front tucked with jeans + boots for a more dressy causal look or you can wear them with leggings +  sneakers for a more casual look. This one in particular is super soft and warm and I already see myself reaching for a lot in the coming months. I have this in black but I do believe it comes in a few more colors. 

And thats it! Thank you so much for being here! 

What are you basic fall tops? Leave them in the comments below! You can also follow along on Instagram @jennniferlynn11 and Pinterest: @jennniferlynn11

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright..




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