✨ Fun Facts About Me ✨

Hello Hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I just realized that I haven’t shown my face around here or really introduced myself since my first post back in November of 2019. So today’s post is some fun facts about yours truly.

  1. My birthday is November 11th, so of course 11 is my favorite number and I always make a wish on 11:11
  2. I’m a proud Armenian. My great grandparents came to America when the escaped the Armenian Genocide in 1915
  3. I am the definition of Daddy’s Girl.
  4. My enneagram number is a 2w3 which is The Helper. It makes sense because I LOVE helping people in any capacity.
  5. I am the oldest and only girl with 3 younger brothers. We are 7, 10 + 13 years apart
  6. My first younger brother is an angel in Heaven. He was 19 months old when he went to Heaven and I was 8
  7. I have the BEST family + friends. I’m very blessed to have them
  8. I LOVE reading! My faves are inspiration stories, memoirs, business + romance. I even went to Washington DC for the sole purpose of getting a library card from The Library of Congress.
  9. The beach is my happy place +  I am obsessed with palm trees. When I travel I always try to go near the water and see palm trees waving in the wind.
  10.  My friends call me Momma Bear because I’m the “Momma” in the group. I’m the one who has the bug spray. band aids, neosporin, ibuprofen, portable charger + cord for our phones, etc in my handbag- at all times. And lemme tell you- everyone has benefited from what I carry in my bag ha!
  11. I am a bag lady- have been since I was 2 years old carrying my grandma’s bags around. And the bigger the better. My family/friend’s call my bags the Mary Poppin’s bag because they are big and I hav everything in them.
  12. I’m the type of person who takes empathy to another level. It’s like I take on other’s people’s feelings as my own. It made me be very understanding to other people
  13. I am the Queen of over thinking EVERYTHING + asking questions. It’s truly exhausting for everyone ha!
  14. I have debilitating anxiety that is mostly health related [so you can imagine what its been like during  the Pandemic]. I’m going to do a separate post on how I cope and what my experience is like when its bad.
  15. I want to live in the South in one of the Carolinas because it has the beach on side and mountains on the other- best of both worlds
  16. I crave connections with people and create connections with material things. For example, a certain black + white sweater I have always reminds me of my grandpa because he loved black + white. When I showed him the sweater, he told me he loved it and I had to keep it. So I did and every time I see it hanging in my closet, I always remember that memory. [If that makes sense lol]
  17. I listen to every genre of music from classical to rap and everything in between
  18. I can watch the same show and/or movie over and over again. Currently I’m on a Duck Dynasty binge. Last month it was Last Man Standing lol
  19. I never wanted or planned to be in the Health Care field and God said, “Watch this” and here I am six years later as the primary caregiver of my grandparents. It’s been very rewarding and I’ll cherish the memories I made with my grandparents forever, but its also been very challenging and hard.
  20. I love photography. I love that a picture captures a memory and keeps it forever. I love how a single photo can spark emotions, memories and/or stories. I love how photographs immortalize past generations so the newer/younger generations can learn about their family’s history.
  21. And of course… I LOVE everything that Sparkles and Shines Bright!

I feel like that last one is kinda obvious but its true ha! Now its your turn! Leave some fun facts about you in the comments below!  Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram @SparkleandShineBrightllc and Pinterest @Jennifer_lynn11. Thank you for being here!!

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright…



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