✨ This, Too, Shall Pass…The World As We Know It ✨


Hello Hello! Thank you so much for being here!

Wow, things are pretty crazy and full of change lately huh?  A lot has happened in the last week and even more so in the last few days and I’m sure more will happen in the next few days. It has to get worse before it gets better right?

I know every where you turn, news about the corona virus is just smacking you in the face. I don’t know about you but I need a break from it all. So while this post is based off the effects of the corona virus, I hope you find this to be light and inspiring, as that is what I want this space to be.

I believe the most important thing we can do to get through this together is be kind to each other! We are all in this together. No one is immune. Yes, washing our hands, practicing good personal hygiene, and social distancing, espeically when not feeling well or showing any symptoms is very important. However, being kind will help a lot of people not panic and stay calm. And that is just as valuable as a roll of toilet paper or a bottle of bleach these days.

With that being said, being kind to everyone will help make this season of life go a lot easier. You don’t need five years worth of toilet paper or fifteen bottles of Purell. Your neighbor, fellow human has the same right of “protection” as you do. Share the wealth, there is enough for everyone. If everyone has some, there is no reason to panic that there is no more in supply.

This time is definitely a scary time. Seeing the shelves empty at the food store, the number rising of number of cases near you, being told how many weeks we need to practice social distancing or how long it will be until things go back to the way they were,   the list goes on, are all reasons to have fear for the future.  They are all reasons for anxiety to raise [if I’m being honest mine definitely has] but by keeping calm and helping others around you will definitely help make this uncomfortable time much easier.

The one thing that doesn’t have to change and shouldn’t is being kind of one another. Help comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are going out, ask your neighbor if you can get anything for them, maybe watch someone’s children if they have to go to work, If you have the means to do so, help someone financially. Pay a bill or two, buy them some essential groceries, etc. If you can’t do any of the above thats okay too! But, you can ALWAYS be kind.

Something that I always try to remember during difficult times is that nothing lasts forever, and this, too, shall pass. I’ve had to tell myself that quit a few times as I read each new news notifications that popped up on my phone, each one a little more scary and heartbreaking at the same time than the last one.  Though extremely scary of a time, it will not last forever. We’ve had to deal with similar situations in the past and we all came out of it. Although to be fair I don’t remember any of them being this severe, but they were still terrible and scary at the time.

One thing I always try to do during scary and unpredictable times is to try and find a silver lining and for our current one I see more than one:

  1. It’s 2020- we have top of the line medical advances and technology and years and years of experience in dealing with diseases and how to stop and treat them.
  2. This experience will also help us learn even more about global pandemics and rapidly spreading diseases for God forbid the next time, we’ll be more prepared and can handle things in a more efficient and faster way.
  3. I truly believe that this is bringing all of us together and working together to help one another and it is such a joy to see and read about. [Yes, there will always be those few who put a blemish in the theory but I’m choosing to only see the good right now]. For the most part people are reaching out into their communities and doing all that they can to help.
  4. Make us appreciate all we have and maybe we won’t take the things we cannot do right now for granted anymore.
    1. A hug between loved ones
    2. Being able to go out when ever you want
    3. Being healthy
    4. Being able to buy toilet paper and cleaning products whenever you want them and at the first store you go to.
    5. Being able to see your friends and family whenever you want
    6. Being able to travel and go anywhere you want anytime you want
    7. Wifi!
    8. Online ordering
    9. The list goes on…

The one thing I do urge you and everyone else is to take social distancing seriously. I saw a quote go around social media that said. ” Your grandparents were asked to go to war to save you. You are being asked to sit on a couch to save your grandparents.” And being someone who lives and takes care of their grandparent that hit me hard.

I know and understand that not everyone can and have to go to work. What I’m talking about is going to the bars and restaurants [if any are even open for more than take out], going to friends houses, traveling, going to stores, basically going out in public for a non essential trip. Please stay home. I know it sucks that we have to stay home but let’s not do something now, so we can do it later.

**Note: Things are changing hourly so by the time I post this, there may be more restrictions and more stores closings.**

I also want to shout a BIG THANK YOU to all Medical workers, Military personnel here and over seas [Thanks Babe!] Police, First Responders, Everyone who works in food stores, pharmacies, all delivery personnel, and to  all the essential business that need to stay open so the world can continue to function on a bare minimum level.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the world, as we are ALL effected by this in some way or another.

Let’s all be kind, stay home, and have faith that everything will be okay. We are going to be okay, get through this and come out of it stronger. This, too, shall pass… the world as we know it.

Always Sparkle and Shine Bright ✨



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