✨ Year 5 ✨

Year 5 photo

Posting this today is kinda a wow moment for me. I created Sparkle and Shine Bright five years ago today. I had quite the vision for it when I clicked “buy” on the domain of SparleandShineBright.com. Then life happened and we all know how that goes. I have to say, I learned a lot about myself in these past five years and I think I had to before I could finally commit to SSB.

What I once thought I wanted this space to be all about was: pretty, perfect pictures of materialistic things. The latest and greatest in fashion, cosmetics and skin care, designer items, etc. The perfect outfit, the perfect accessories, the perfect skin care, routine made of up of only the perfect products,  makeup products and application, the perfect everything. I think I wanted to portray a perfect space here because I craved a perfect life in the real world.

When I first started to create SSB, I was in a major transition in my life and trying to get a hold of my new reality. I went from one extreme to another basically, in almost all areas of my life- fun times lemme tell you ha! But looking back I’m so grateful for it. It was one of the most uncomfortable and scary times of my life but it also lead to the best growth I’ve ever had and made me the person I am today.

With years of growth I learned that perfect isn’t realistic, or even real. I learned that “perfect” is conditional and personal to each individual. What I think is perfect, you might not.

I learned that “perfect” is almost fake and that I actually gravitate towards, real, raw and imperfect in all areas of my life, well, in almost all things. I still strive for the perfect photo and the perfect wing liner, still working on that one 😉. But when it comes to people, feeling, situations, thats where I want it to be imperfect, raw, and real. The things that matter.

So here we are, five years later with a new vision of Sparkle and Shine Bright. A vision of realness, rawness, and a lot of imperfect. A safe space of truth, joys, and those dreaded low moments of life.

As much as I love imperfect, I can’t deny that my vision for this space also entales pretty, and as perfect pictures as I can get of my favorite products and random items I find along the way. I do love to share products on things that bring my joy or work really well.

To be transparent, I also see pictures and posts about designer items. I love designer items- bags, shoes, clothing items, skin care and cosmetics and I strive to bring as many as I can into my collection. [Sorry babe lol😬]  I am a BIG bag lady, have been since I was two and I love adding bags to my collection. My collections will never be the definition of “perfect” but they’ll be perfect to me.

This space won’t be perfect, but it will be real, raw, and imperfect, my perfect. To be completely honest, I have no idea the direction in which SSB will go and I find that be exciting. There will be a little bit of everything and in no particular order that I see now. Who knows what the future will bring.. So here’s to another 5 years of growth, real, raw, and imperfect. And Sparking and Shining Bright 💫

xoxo, Jen

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